Amy Sedaris in The Second City


Spotlight on Amy Sedaris

from "The Second City" by Sheldon Patinkin

Amy Sedaris, originally from North Carolina, joined the Second City mainstage in 1992 after playing in the Touring Company and at Second City Northwest. She left to create the Comedy Central series Exit 57 with fellow Second City performers Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Mitch Rouse, directed by Mick Napier. The show received five Cable ACE nominations during its two-year run. Then the group re-formed to create Strangers with Candy, also for Comedy Central, in which Amy, Paul, and Stephen star. Amy has appeared in several plays off-Broadway, including the Obie Award-winning One Woman Shoe (directed by Mick), The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, and Country Club. She can also be heard frequently on National Public Radio, working with her writer/performer brother David.

Amy was one of the few Second City character actors who liked to wear wigs for almost all of her characters. She created what have been called by Kelly, "huge, obscene, crazy characters-hicks, grannies, even a doomed squirrel. This was a very beautiful, waifish woman who would make herself really ugly onstage in order to get a laugh. She could contort her face in any way." "Gothic and grotesque" is another way to describe her characters, among the most startling of which was a dead-on imperson-ation of Ross Perot.