AMY SEDARIS: my best buy

WHO: The funny girl who's currently playing Gladys Kravitz in Bewitched. Come October, though, Sedaris will reprise her role as Jerri Blank—a 40-something reformed user, loser, and returning high school student—in Strangers With Candy, a film based on the cult-classic Comedy Central series.

WHAT: Decorative cupcake picks. "I've got regular clowns, fancy clowns, Easter bunnies, pilgrims," the comedian boasts. "I enjoy being a tad too early for every holiday, like a card store."

WHERE: Flea markets, eBay, and baking-suppyly shops.

HOW MUCH: Anywhere from a nickel to $3 apiece. As for the wooden meat markers Sedaris also plants on her homemade treats, well, those are free. Her brother (and expat writer) David picks them up from his favorite Parisian brasserie.

WHY I TOOK THE PLUNGE: "I think everything should come with a present, and I like to make each cupcake special."

WHEN I USE IT: "I bake at least three times a week," says Sedaris, who sells her adorably adorned cupcakes at New York City's Joe coffee shop. Not that this self-proclaimed "fake business woman" is going corporate anytime soon. "I run everything like an eight grader would." —SU CIAMPA

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