Stars & Their Pets

by photographer Chris Ameruoso

Funny lady Amy Sedaris will never forget the day Dusty hopped into her life!

I have met my match," declares Amy Sedaris about Dusty, her black-and-white mini rex rabbit. "She's a manipulator. She knows my weaknesses." But the Strangers with Candy star's biggest weakness is pretty obvious: the 4-year-old rabbit herself.

"I got her from a New York shelter," recalls Amy. "She makes me so happy, and she knows I love her too much." Which is why Amy devoted an entire chapter in her new book, I Like You-Hospitality Under the Influence, to her furry friends. Yet Dusty has a unique way of showing her appreciation.

"She chews on all my cords," giggles Amy, but she doesn't seem to mind. "I let her sleep on my bed. I love that I rescued her. She's a prey animal. Who wants to live their life in fear?"

Amy has one other reason to rave about rabbits. "I like how they have eyes on the side of their head and can see what's going on behind them," she says. "So, sometimes I stand behind her and wave."

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