One half of 'The Talent Family'


To some she's Jerri Blank, a 46 year-old boozer, user, and two-time loser high school dropout/teenage runaway, whose picking up her life exactly where she left off. To other's she is the younger sister of the hilarious author David Sedaris, who combines with Amy to form "The Talent Family". And others still may know her as Carrie Bradshaw's publisher in Sex And The City, or Adrian Monk's personal assistant's younger sister in USA's Monk. Whether you know her as any of the aforementioned, or as something else, Amy Sedaris is extremely talented, hilariously funny, and exceptionally kind.

Amy spent most of her child and young adulthood living in North Carolina until moving to Chicago on advice of her brother to join Chicago's famed Second City. While at Second City she met future collaborators Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert as well as her future principal, Greg Hollimon. After moving to New York she, Dinello, Colbert, and others wrote and performed in a then fledgling Comedy Central's original sketch show Exit 57. After Exit 57 ended, Amy along with Dinello and Colbert created Comedy Central's first live action series Strangers With Candy, starring Amy as the 46-year old Jerri Blank. Three hilarious seasons later some genius dropped the show to create room on the schedule for not-so-memorable up-and-coming series like Strip Mall. Since then Amy has appeared in feature films (Maid In Manhattan), numerous short films, on television series, and in plays written by her and her brother. Last year saw the release of Wigfield, a book authored again by the now-familiar trio of Sedaris, Colbert, and Dinello. More hilarity ensued across the country when they took the book on tour. Now Amy and friends are bringing Jerri Blank back to the big screen for Strangers With Candy, the movie. We at LOFI were lucky to have the opportunity for a brief chat with Amy as all the major press and fans greedily await the film's release.

LOFI: How old were you when you first joined Second City Chicago?

Amy: I think I was 25 or 26 when I first started taking classes at the player's workshop (Second City).

LOFI: What prompted you to pursue this career path rather than be say a car saleswoman or a Red Cross volunteer?

Amy: I didn't know that it was going to turn into a career - I wanted to move from North Carolina, and I knew I liked making up stuff on the spot. So Second City seemed perfect.

LOFI: Did you ever consider trying a new series since Strangers With Candy went off the air?

Amy: Yes, I want to do my own hospitality show.

LOFI: Is Greg Hollimon (Principal Blackman) funnier in real life or on television?

Amy: He is very different on and off television. He is always funny, but in different ways.

LOFI: Do you still wait tables part-time?

Amy: Whenever Mary's Fish Camp needs me I'll work. I worked about 3 weeks ago.

LOFI: What is your favorite place in New York City?

Amy: My apartment.

LOFI: Are you often recognized in public?

Amy: Sometimes.

LOFI: Can you give us any dirt on the new Strangers With Candy film?

Amy: It will start with me getting out of jail and end with a science project. My look will be a little different.

LOFI: You've adopted 2 rabbits. How have they worked out?

Amy: I am an honorary rabbit educator for the House Rabbit Society. I am crazy about rabbits; best pet I have ever had.

LOFI: Would you rather see off into your future or into the past?

Amy: Neither.

LOFI: Who/what is your greatest inspiration?

Amy: Everything! I get a lot from reading books, but I notice everything.

LOFI: Do you enjoy any current shows on television?

Amy: I love Lifetime.

LOFI: Thanks again for your time.

Amy: No problem.

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