Free Association
with comedian AMY SEDARIS

Playing Foxy Loxy in the new animated movie Chicken Little:
I pick on Chicken Little. It's always fun to play the mean one. I send Goosey Lucy to do my dirty work.

Work conditions in the voice-recording studion:
I was alone. And I was naked, actually.

Her brother David's books about the Sedaris clan:
I think he's a great writer, and I laugh out loud. But it's different for those of us who have read his books in my family. Three people have not.

Sibling Rivalry:
We're all competing to be the best aunt or uncle. David calls himself Uncle Money, so no one can come close to that.

Entertaining tips:
I'm working on a hospitality book. I just put myself in different situations and thought, how would I entertain? Like when you have a lumberjack over. Lumberjacks eat like grips on movie sets, where it's their last meal. They eat to live, and they use their bread for a spoon. It's amazing to watch.

Her sideline selling homemade cupcakes and cheeseballs:My signature is a smoky Gouda and vanilla cupcakes. It's something to do at 2 a.m.  And I like having money. I like having jars of money in my apartment. When the [New York City] blackout happened, I was prepared.

Costarring in Shrek 3:
I got to do the voice of Cinderella at a baby shower. I don't think I've ever been at a baby shower. It was so girly. I was like, "Really? This is what they talk about at baby showers?"


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