From a 1999 issue of Radar magazine

Coming Up | Amy Sedaris

by Les Simpson

WHO: The 37-year-old off-center actress who plays Jerri Blank, a not-too-bright 46-year-old ex-drug addict/prostitute who's giving high school another go in Comedy Central's Strangers With Candy, a spoof on earnest after-school specials. Concocting goofy characters is apparently a familial talent: Sedaris' brother, David, is the acclaimed gay humorist. Together the siblings have produced a slew of madcap stage productions and are currently at work on another new play.
ON JERRI'S STATE OF MIND: "Years of drugs have definitely destroyed a few brain cells. Jerri can't think too far into the future, and she doesn't remember anything."
ON JERRI'S AC/DC TENDENCIES: "I wanted her to be gay. But for more story line possibilities, she's bisexual. In one episode, Jerri starts smoking pot again because she thinks it'll get her closer to one of the hot pothead girls."
ON HIGHER EDUCATION: "If she ever graduates, Jerri will probably go to Sarah Lawrence."
ON THE JOYS OF CABLE TV: "I love switching between the Operation Channel and the Food Network and watching the exact same dissection."
ON ACTING: "I admire people who can cry on the spot and say lines like, "I lost the baby." I can't do that stuff without laughing."
ON WORKING WITH HER BROTHER: "[When we were kids,] David and I would perform at convalescent homes. He'd say, 'We're going to knock 'em dead!'"
ON NEW YORK'S GREENWICH VILLAGE: "I live on Christopher and Bleecker—or, as I call it, Faggot and Cocksucker—where heterosexuals hold each other really close for security."
ON BECOMING A CULT FIGURE: "I guess it's good that only a certain type likes my stuff. If everybody did, I'd think, Ew, what am I doing wrong?"