3 questions for
Amy Sedaris
Actor, part-time waitress

January 22 - 29, 2004 | Time Out New York | Issue No. 434

1.  The Chinese Year of the Monkey starts on Thursday 22. In your show Strangers With Candy, there was a monkey reference in every single episode. What's with all the monkeys?
I didn't even know it was the Year of the Monkey—I'm just a year-round monkey gal. Monkeys are the best, right? Around 1995, I wanted a monkey really bad, so I had an imaginary one named Pockets. I've heard that they just throw shit around, though, and you know no one's going to help you baby-sit.

2.  In the plays and TV shows that you co-write, you always make yourself look slightly grotesque, yet your characters remain unself-conscious. Do fat suits provide safety as an actor?
If it's just me, what's the fun of it? I like to play these people because they still like themselves and they find themselves sexy. It makes me more free: If I have a fatty suit on, I can be sexy. But take it off—oh my God, that's impossible. I'm not making fun of these people, but oh, it feels so good to have a big ass!

3.  You're almost as famous for extracurricular activities, like selling homemade cupcakes, as for your writing and acting. Do you still waitress at Mary's Fish Camp in the West Village?
They call me when they need someone, so I worked last Saturday. There was a brand-new menu and I was like, Oh no! Then I thought, What could happen? They're just going to ask me what's in something and I can ask somebody else. It's not like, "What's in a gin and tonic?" "I don't know, you're asking the wrong person!"
Elisabeth Vincentelli

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