Q & A | Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris is "boozer, user and loser" Jerri Blank in Strangers with Candy, the film version of her Comedy Central show.

Where did Jerri come from?
Paul [Dinello], Steve [Colbert] and I had an idea to do a show based on after-school specials. Paul found this old documentary about a 46-year-old woman who was an ex-prostitut ex-con who delivered antidrug messages at schools. I told the wardrobe woman I wanted to look like someone who owned a snake.

You're pretty, but you prefer to play ugly?
Everything is about pretty people. The audience for Strangers is outcasts. I like playing characters who find themselves attractive even though they may not be.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was a surprise to see name actors in this movie.
We just asked them. We'll pick you up. A hot lunch. It's two or three hours.

You're coming out with a hospitality book this fall. Any tips?
Entertaining old people—that's about the music not being loud, the lighting being bright and the food tasting like it's already been tasted.

Don't you sell your baked goods?
My cupcakes. I like making cash. I did a play with Sarah Jessica. And I said, "Each week why don't you put $100 into this jar, and I'll match it?" I said we'd do something with it. I still have it behind my bed. I think I have $1200 in it. I doubt she remembers it.


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