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The Second Season Golden Donkey Awards

To honor the Outstanding Achievements of the cast and crew of "Strangers With Candy"

Season Two Nominees
(winners are in  bold typeface)
Outstanding Contribution by a Regularly-Featured Supporting Actress:

Maria Thayer

Deborah Rush

Sarah Thyre

Outstanding Contribution by a Regularly-Featured Supporting Actor:

Larc Spies

Orlando Pabotoy

Outstanding Contribution by a Not-Regularly-Featured Supporting Actress:

Carolyn Popp (Claire Noblet, "Hit and Run" and "To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Rose Abdoo (Señora Maria de los Angeles Pons Montez Garcia y Perez, "The Blank Page")

Emma Bowers (Rebecca, "Blank Stare, parts 1 & 2")

Jackie Hoffman (Miss Plog, "A Price Too High For Riches")

Jessica Boevers (Melissa, "A Price Too High For Riches")

Outstanding Contribution by a Not-Regularly-Featured Supporting Player:

Jeremy Davidson (Drake Rogers, "The Virgin Jerri")

Jack Ferver (Jimmy Tickles, "The Virgin Jerri" and "To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Matt Newton (Alan, "Behind Blank Eyes")

Ken Hudson Campbell (Glen, "The Blank Page")

Zack Shaffer (Ronnie Leggett, "To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

David Pasquesi (Stew, "To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Alan Tudyk (Father, "Blank Stare, parts 1 & 2")

Best Celebrity Guest Appearance:

Mark Ibold (Mark, "The Virgin Jerri" and bandmember in the Closing Credits Sequence, "Yes, You Can't")

Andy Richter (The Career Wizard, "Yes, You Can't")

Janeane Garofalo (Cassie Pines, "The Goodbye Guy")

Kevyn Aucoin (Sharpei, "The Goodbye Guy")

Bebe Neuwirth (herself, "To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Best Scene:

Jerri tries to see what it's like to be blind and causes a lot of damage, ("Behind Blank Eyes")

Jerri can't stop eating her hotdog even though her Daddy is being eaten by the Mt. Valley Rabid Dogs, ("The Goodbye Guy")

Jerri thinks that V-I-C-T-O-R-Y spells "Fandango" or "Hobocamp", ("The Blank Page")

Mr. Noblet has a "Miracle Worker"-like breakthrough while trying to teach Jerri how to read, ("The Blank Page")

The police sketch artist creates an image of the perpetrator who committed the hit and run, then Jellineck's head rejects his reattached face, ("Hit and Run")

Mr. Jellineck and Coach Wolf go over their household budget for the class, ("To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Mr. Jellineck and Mr. Noblet go bowling, ("To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Geoffrey and Cherri have dinner with Chuck and Claire Noblet, ("To Love, Honor, and Pretend")

Orlando finds Jerri at the Mall, but she tells him "Jerri's dead. My name is Sycamore," ("Blank Stare, part 1")

While searching for Jerri at the Mall, Chuck tries to convince a Safe Trap follower to take him with them, ("Blank Stare, part 2")

Jerri's in for a shock when she tries to bully a student into giving her money, ("A Price Too High For Riches")

Best Line:

"Lets go watch some gay porn so we can get our hate back." -- Derrick

"It makes me as damp as a cellar down there. All mildewy. Enter if you dare." -- Jerri

"Maybe it's time to stop not doing what you pretended you can do and can't, and start doing the thing that you can't do, but can no longer pretend that you can't." -- Jerri

"I'm an obtuse man, so I'll try to be oblique." -- Principal Blackman

Jellineck: "I was a complete zero, Jerri."
Jerri: "And now?"
Jellineck: "Well, now you could multiply that zero by hundreds."
Jerri: "Wow! That must be a lot."

Best Closing Credits Dance Sequence:

"Feeling Good" at the pizza parlor, ("The Virgin Jerri")

Noblet becomes a rock star, "Carry on Wayward Son", ("Yes, You Can't")

Jerri and her dear departed Daddy enjoy one last dance, ("The Goodbye Guy")

Jerri, Jellineck, and Noblet drive off in a convertible and Geoffrey's face peels off, then the camera passes down a hospital corridor on a runaway gurney as the cast dances on the sidelines, ("Hit and Run")

Chuck Noblet is dressed in Safe Trap yellow and sings "The King of Glory Comes", ("Blank Stare," Part 2)

The cast dances in a neon shoe box in this faux advertisement for Flair® sneakers, ("A Price Too High For Riches")

Best Director:

Dan Dinello, "Yes You Can't"

Juan Campanella, "Behind Blank Eyes", "The Virgin Jerri", "The Blank Page"

Peter Lauer, "The Goodbye Guy", "Hit and Run", "To Love, Honor, and Pretend", "Blank Stare, parts 1 & 2", "A Price Too High For Riches"

Best Lead Player:

Amy Sedaris

Paul Dinello

Stephen Colbert

Greg Hollimon

Best Episode:

"Yes You Can't"

"Behind Blank Eyes"

"The Virgin Jerri"

"The Goodbye Guy"

"Hit and Run"

"The Blank Page"

"To Love, Honor, and Pretend"

"Blank Stare, part 1"

"Blank Stare, part 2"

"A Price Too High For Riches"

Special Golden Jerri for Best New Semi-Regularly Featured Player:

Awarded to Dolores Duffy for her performance as Iris Puffybush in "Yes, You Can't", "Hit and Run"; and "To Love, Honor, and Pretend"
Special Guy Blank Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement:

Awarded to Roberto Gari for his farewell performance as Guy Blank in "The Goodbye Guy" and in recognition of his First Season contributions.

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