Stephen Colbert in the Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 issue of GIANT

Air Apparent
Words by Richard Dorment    Photographs by Jake Chessum

Stephen Colbert's knack for pointing out the weird and hilarious has landed him his own Comedy Central show. Prepare for topsy-turvy madness.

The bad news is that after nine years as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert has moved on. Tragic, we know. But the good news is that he didn't go very far. As you may already have seen, his new show "The Colbert Report" follows The Daily Show, where Colbert honed his comedic skills by tackling political and lifestyle issues with an ironic touch.

If The Daily Show is like Headline News," he explains, "this is like Bill O'Reilly or Joe Scarborough. It's a parody of a one-man pundit show." But aren't talking heads, all hot air and hair spray, an easy target? Colbert doesn't think so.

"These shows aren't about the news. They're about personalities," he says. "O'Reilly gets America. That's his whole thing: 'I get America. I get the audience. I am America.' Certitude and self-importance—that's the voice I'm copping. I might even start referring to myself as America. 'America is thirsty. America wants a sandwich. America wants to know where the bathroom is.'"

And, unlike O'Reilly and other assorted windbags, Colbert doesn't take it all that seriously. "My entire objective and responsibility," he says, "is to be funny."


I like NBC Nightly News. I'm not
entirely sure what Williams is
saying, because I don't turn up
the volume, but I think he's just
adorable. He's got a very deep
tan, but they need to touch
up underneath his eyes. And
sometimes he wears a blue
shirt with a white collar. I think
that's kind of fey.

He's much sexier than Brian
Williams, but Brian is in a
position of power and you know
how attractive that is.

I can't watch him. It's like
watching Tales from
the Crypt.


I'm an MSNBC man. I love the
brunettes they've got on during
the day—I'm a big Contessa
Brewer fan. Anybody can go
blonde, but they've cornered
the market on super-hot

They're great at getting my
blood pressure up.

Picture #1
Suit: Burberry London $995
Shirt: Brooks Brothers $65
Tie: Tommy Hilfiger $40
Shoes: Façonnable $250
Picture #2
Suit: Perry Ellis $995
Shirt: Brooks Brothers $65
Shoes: Façonnable $80
Picture #4
Pants: Joseph Abboud $795
(for full suit)
Shirt: Brooks Brothers $65
Suspenders: Paul Stuart $99
Shoes: Giorgio Armani $495
Picture #5
Suit: Burberry $1170
Shirt: Brooks Brothers $65
Tie: Nautica $35
Shoes: Brooks Brothers $488

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