Colbert's Rapport
THIS JUST IN: The Daily Show's deliriously pompous correspondent Stephen Colbert will spin off his own Comedy Central series, "The Colbert Report", starting 10/17 at 11:30 pm. We went straight to the source for the scoop.

Tell us about The Colbert Report. First of all, it's pronounced Coal-bear Ra-poor—silent T on both. We're saving up all the silent T's and donating them to a country where people are too poor to pronounce certain consonants.
How will it differ from The Daily Show? The Daily Show is a parody of a headline newscast. This is more like Scarborough or O'Reilly or Anderson Cooper, with the sexy suits and the camera angles. It's all about the pundits.
Why do you want to do your own show? I'm doing it for the people. I'm watching America's back with this one—and looking over their shoulders.
Will you get your own office? My own office? I'm getting my own bathroom! I've got to clean some of the Jon Stewart funk out of there—we're having the whole place boiled.
Will you have correspondents? No, they actually weaken shows. They're hangers-on, in my opinion. Do you know what I usually say? "This show could use more Stephen Colbert." I'm finally acting on that impulse.
Are you ready to take on Jay and Dave? I don't think of myself as competition because we'll be doing such a different thing.
OK, how about Nightline? If I can take Koppel down and Jake Tapper along the way, then I think I've done my job.

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