Win the "Strangers With Candy": The Complete Series DVD set
The first three people to send me the correct answers will be the winners.

6/15/06 — The contest is over.  Congratulations to Eric Gustin, Norn Cutson, and Chris Runyon for exhibiting impressive researching skills.  I'd like to thank Comedy Central and Filter Creative Group for making this contest possible.

This quiz is all about "Me and SWC".  I was inspired by Geoffrey Jellineck's narcissism.

  1. What did Amy Sedaris write for me when I asked her to autograph something the first time that I met her? (It's a line of dialogue that they were told that they couldn't use on the show. You must use exact wording and correct spelling.)
  2. Amy, Paul, and Stephen gave me a gift at a New York "Wigfield" performance. This item was seen in an episode of "Strangers With Candy". What was this gift, and in which episode did it appear? (You must answer both parts of the question. You can give the episode title, the episode production number, or both.)
  3. When I was at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2005 to see the "Strangers With Candy" movie I discovered that my name wasn't on the list to get into the pre-screening party. What was the apropos name of the place in which the party was held, and who got me into the place? (You must answer both parts of the question.)
  4. The Museum of Television and Radio in New York had a "Strangers With Candy" seminar in April 2001. Which two cast members did I meet for the first time at this event?
  5. What is the name of the celebrity whom I'd met at a "Wigfield" reading here in Washington, DC?  This person claimed to be a big fan of and eventually made some important contributions to the site.
  6. In addition to filming a cameo appearance as a Flatpoint High School teacher in the Strangers With Candy movie, I'd also been fortunate enough to have visited the school set of the TV series. For which episode did I watch scenes being filmed? (You can give the episode title, the episode production number, or both.)

[6/15/06 — NOTE: The contest is over. Congratulations to Eric Gustin, Norn Cutson, and Chris Runyon.]

The correct answers are:

  1. "I'll jerk you off while you pour beer over me."
  2. The Boy Scout shirt that Jellineck wore to the roller rink in "Ask Jerri" (episode 3-07).
  3. Stephen Colbert and his lovely wife Evie (Evelyn McGee) got me into the Monkey Bar.
  4. Deborah Rush (Sara Blank) and Jack Ferver (Jimmy Tickles)
  5. Todd Oldham, who allowed me to use many of the photographs that he took on the movie set exclusively here at
  6. "The Last Temptation of Blank" (episode 3-10).