Episode Guide and Tony's Ratings

Tony's Rating System
    =  I'm shriveled, like a raisin in the sun   
    =  I'm as dry as my stepmother's meatloaf  
     =  I'm as moist as a snack cake down there  
     =  I'm as damp as a cellar. . .  all mildewy  
    =  I'm marinating in my own juices  

(Keep in mind that even episodes that are rated with only one Concrete Donkey are as good as or
better than the best episodes of other TV shows. Click here to return to the episode guide.
DISCLAIMER: These are my own personal ratings and I know that other fans will have differing
opinions... and I respect that. Please keep in mind that I don't expect everyone -- or anyone --
to agree with my ratings.  I always say, "Everyone is entitled to MY opinion.")

   1-02 A Burden's Burden
2-02 Behind Blank Eyes
1-04 Who Wants Cake
2-06 The Blank Page

3-03 Trail of Tears
3-05 Blank Relay
3-04 Is My Daddy Crazy?

1-01 Old Habits, New Beginnings
3-10 The Last Temptation of Blank
1-10 The Trip Back
3-07 Ask Jerri
3-09 Bully

2-04 The Goodbye Guy
2-08 Blank Stare, Part 1
1-08 Feather in the Storm
3-02 Is Freedom Free?
2-07 To Love, Honor and Pretend

1-03 Dreams on the Rocks
2-05 Hit and Run
1-07 Let Freedom Ring
3-01 Jerri's Burning Issue
2-09 Blank Stare, Part 2

1-06 Jerri Is Only Skin Deep
3-06 Invisible Love
2-03 The Virgin Jerri
1-05 Bogie Nights

3-08 There Once Was a Blank From Nantucket

1-09 To Be Young, Gifted and Blank
2-01 Yes, You Can't

2-10 A Price Too High For Riches

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