10. Strangers With Candy's explosive season ending

by Christine Champagne
Gay.com Network

Jerri Blank, Amy Sedaris
What a year it was for gay and lesbian visibility on television. Survivor's openly gay Richard Hatch found himself a million dollars richer during the show's dramatic finale. Meanwhile, Will & Grace scored top honors at the Emmy Awards and Dawson's Creek's Jack (Kerr Smith) was part of a history-making smooch.

It was sad to see Strangers With Candy, which centered on a bisexual, 46-year-old high school student named Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) and featured a romance between two male teachers (Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello), come to an end after three years. But the show wrapped up its three-year run with a memorable series finale. We finally got to see how beautiful Jerri really could be was thanks to a makeover provided by a hot popular student (guest star Winona Ryder) who, by the way, failed to respond to Jerri's come-on. While Jerri didn't get any, the show did end with a bang: Principal Blackman (Greg Hollimon) blew up Flatpoint High to avoid having the school turned into a strip mall.