as Tammi Littlenut

EDUCATION:  Juilliard - Group 27


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Maria's Career-ography
    • Strangers With Candy: The Movie [as Tammi Littlenut; 1/24/05—Sundance premiere; June 2006—wide release]
    • Accepted [as Rory, 2006]
    • Hitch [as Lisa, 2005]
    • Scratch [2005]
    • Storytelling [as Amy, 2001]
    • Kimberly [as Louise, 1999]

    • "Nip/Tuck" [10/17/06; FX]
    • Romancing the Bride [12/3/05; OXYGEN]
    • "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"
    • "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" [as Claire Brody, 11/9/03; NBC]
    • "Miss Match" [as Chelsea, 9/26/03; NBC]
    • "The Education of Max Bickford" [as Tina, 9/30/01; CBS]
    • "The Big Apple" [as Rosemary, 3/14, 3/21, 3/29/00; CBS]
    • "Strangers With Candy" [as Tammi Littlenut; Comedy Central: 4/7/99 - 10/2/00]


    • Payless Shoes [mid 2003]


    • The Seagull [as Nina, 1/05; off-Broadway, Blue Heron Arts Center, NYC]
    • Endpapers [as Sara Maynard; 6/02; by Thomas McCormack; Variety Arts Theater, NYC]
    • Necessary Targets [as Nuna, 2/02; by Eve Ensler; Variety Arts Theatre, NYC]
    • Hair
    • Ah Wilderness!
    • A Month in The Country
    • Eloise & Ray
    • In Perpetuity Throughout the Universe

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