What Becomes a Loser Most?

Amy Sedaris does an anti-fur ad for peta in character as Jerri Blank. The photo was taken by Todd Oldham, with styling by Victoria Farrell, makeup by Kabuki, and hair by Darren Mills. Just as the anti-Premarin campaign was a parody of the famous "Got Milk?" ads, this campaign targets the well-known Blackglama® ads of the 1970's and 80's. In 1983 Joan Rivers spoofed the same ads on the cover of her comedy album, "What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most?"

Strangers With Candy Star Gives Lip Service To Horses
Comedy Central's Amy Sedaris Targets Premarin in PETA's New Parody Ad

For Immediate Release:
March 15, 2000
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New York -- While Jerri Blank, the unladylike 47-year-old whose rocky return to high school is chronicled on the cult hit Strangers With Candy, is no stranger to shocking people, the character's new PETA ad may be particularly hard to swallow-especially for the millions of women who take the estrogen-replacement drug Premarin.

A parody of the milk trade's white mustache ads, PETA's campaign features Jerri (played by Strangers co-creator Amy Sedaris) sporting a bright yellow mustache-her characteristically unsubtle way of exposing Premarin's bizarre (and cruelly obtained) secret ingredient: horse urine.

"I may be the only girl in my high school going through menopause," Jerri says in the ad, "but I'm not dumb enough to drink horse urine!"

Premarin, one of the country's most widely prescribed drugs, is made from the estrogen-rich urine of pregnant horses. Its manufacturers repeatedly impregnate horses and then sell their foals to slaughter. Every year, 75,000 mares are confined to small stalls, unable to turn around or lie down. They have rubber, urine-collection sacks strapped to their groins and are routinely denied water-so their urine will yield a more concentrated estrogen for Premarin.

"That's why it's the one drug you'll never find in my locker," declares Jerri. (Synthetic and plant-based estrogen replacements are widely available.)