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"Hi, I'm Jerri Blank. I'm a 46 year old High School Freshman. For 32 years I lived the life of a teenage runaway. A little prostitution, a little drug dealing, and a lot of alcohol. I was a user, a boozer, and a loser. But now I'm out of jail and I'm picking up my life right where I left off. I'm back at home, back to Flatpoint High School (founded 1899, current building constructed 1951), and back to some of my old tricks. I find that I'm older and wiser now. I'm still doing the wrong things, but now I'm doing them the right way.

Take my good friend Poppy Downes (the most popular girl in Flatpoint High), for instance. She accidentally overdosed on my homemade Glint (aka Glimmer, Glow, Satan's Harelip). It's a good thing she died before I had the chance to pull the plug on her. If she opened her mouth I could have been suspended from school, and that's not cool. I did throw one hell of a memorial party in her honor, though. Hot fruit, spiked punch, the works. My dear pet turtle Shelly met a terrible end that night. I guess that I may have invited a little bad karma into my life by killing a classmate. That was lesson number one: don't kill other students.

Then there was Dizzy, the baby that I had to pretend was my own as part of a school experiment. That little rascal was quite a handful, let me tell you. It's not easy to be a single parent. One thing I did learn is that Tammi Littlenut's carpet matches her drapes.

I remember one time when I was starring as Mama in the Flatpoint High production of "Raisin in the Sun". My stepmother was so jealous of my moment in the spotlight that she made it her personal goal to drain the liquor cabinet and drown her self pity. I don't know how my father can put up with her. He used to be so fiery, but now he's so laid back. I think she's broken his spirit, but she tells me it's my fault. She also blames me for my real mother's death. She says that it broke Mom's heart when I ran away 32 years ago, and that it killed her. Others say that it had more to do with the bus that hit her. Now my mother rests in peace in an urn I keep in my bedroom. Whenever one of my pets meets an untimely end I have them cremated and mix them in with Mom to keep her company. I would have put Suki, my chicken, in there too if I hadn't eaten her. She was so juicy and tender. Suki actually saved my life because she ended my self-imposed stint as an anorexic. Thanks for telling me about the vomiting for weight loss, Mr. Jellineck!"

Here's a snapshot that Jerri sent to me after I wrote to her "Dear Jerri" column in the "Flatpoint High Donkey Trouser", which can be found on the Comedy Central Home Page. Just click on it to see a larger version.
Pee on me :)

Just for ha-ha's, try to see how many pictures of Principal Blackman you can count in each episode!!! It's more fun than looking for Waldo. "Good times!"

Amy Sedaris on Jerri's aspirations for "higher education":
"If she ever graduates, Jerri will probably go to Sarah Lawrence."

Amy Sedaris on being a cult figure:
"I guess it's good that only a certain type likes my stuff. If everybody did, I'd think 'Ew !  What am I doing wrong?' "

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Strangers With Candy Links

Visit the official website for the Strangers With Candy movie, strangerswithcandymovie.com, for wallpapers, AIM icons, stills from the film, cast biographies, video clips, sound bites, and more!

Join my FlatpointHigh Community at Yahoo Groups that is dedicated to "Strangers With Candy" and "Exit 57". Find out what the "Strangers With Candy / Exit 57" cognoscente are saying about two of TV's most outrageous shows. Once you subscribe for your free membership you can either receive new messages via email as they're posted or you can read the latest postings at your leisure whenever you choose to visit the community.
- See which lines the members have chosen as their favorite SWC quotes!
- Find out which characters are the members' favorites!
- Read theories for the reason why Jerri's vagina is all puffy!
- Learn who likes the pole and who likes the hole!

Join the fun at FlatpointHigh!

It's not official, but Amy knows about it and provides occasional updates to amysedaris.com. Get all the latest Amy news, including dates and times of upcoming TV appearances.

Visit Katie's site, flatpointhigh.com  (aka The Comfort Zone: the Strangers With Candy Quote Shrine and Gallery) for a fine collection of the aforementioned SWC quotes and images.

Katie isn't just a Crafty Beaver, she's also a busy bee. Check out her Amy Sedaris fan site, amysedarisrocks.com, which has transcripts for most of Amy's talk show appearances, along with audio clips and pictures.

pauldinello.net is a beautiful, comprehensive site dedicated to, you guessed it, Paul Dinello. You'll find a bio, video and audio clips, interviews, and plenty of pictures.

I don't know how long it'll be available, but try to download SWC fan Summer's hilarious fake movie trailer for Brokeback Flatpoint, starring Noblet and Jellineck.

Visit Deb's Paul Dinello site for pictures, biographical information, fan fiction, and SWC episode transcripts.

Visit Alan Tudyk Dot Net for all of your Alan Tudyk needs.

Download a great "Strangers With Candy"-themed AIM Expression, a new skin for your AOL Instant Messenger.

Visit Director Dan Dinello's "Shock Productions" site to learn about the short films that he and his nephew Paul Dinello have written and directed. Paul and Stephen Colbert star in Shock Asylum and Beyond the Door (which also features former Exit 57 castmate Jodi Lennon). Paul, Dan, Amy Sedaris, and Mitch Rouse star in Wheels of Fury.

Order the first season of Strangers With Candy on DVD today! Buy a copy for $34.97 ($29.99 plus $4.98 S+A) from the Comedy Central online store, save a little money and get it for $28.98 ($24.99 plus $3.99 S+A) at Barnes & Noble, save even more money and get it for $23.98 ($20.99 plus $2.99 S+A) at dvduniverse, or get it for the current best price, $22.49, from amazon.com!  What are you waiting for!?! Bonus features on this DVD set include the original pilot, a collection of bloopers/outtakes/behind-the-scenes hilarity, plus commentary on four episodes by Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris.

Go to the official site for Amy, Paul, and Stephen's book "Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not", which is a collaboration with photographer Todd Oldham.

Order the new book, Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not (by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert, with photos by Todd Oldham) from Amazon - or - Barnes & Noble. The hilarious Unabridged Audio version of the book is available too.

If you want great quality collections of Strangers With Candy or Exit 57 episodes on VHS, VCD, or DVD, visit Bruce's site. He also has the Florrie Fisher documentary, "The Trip Back", which was a big part of Amy's inspiration in creating the character and backstory of Jerri Blank.

Don't forget to pay Roberto Gari's (Guy Blank) site a visit, too.

Travis Paddock has a great page dedicated to Amy's brother David Sedaris that also links to a page about Amy.

Visit Amy's brother Paul (aka "The Rooster") at youcantkilltherooster.com and at his business site sedarishardwoodfloors.com.

The website for Esquire magazine has an archive of articles written by David Sedaris. These stories are a good primer for the novice Sedarisite who is too cheap to buy, or too lazy to read David's books.

Mike Myers (not the Austin Powers Mike Myers) has a Strangers With Candy site that you should check out.

Join the effort to Save SWC!!!

Also, visit Adam's Strangers With Candy Petition Page to learn more about what we, the fans, can do to bring the show back.

hostbaby.com is a web hosting site for musicians that also happens to host jerriblank.com, so we must love them.

My personal web pages.  Plus my semi-regularly-but-not-updated-
daily blog, IMNSHO: In My Not-So-Humble Opinion.

These are some of my favorite bloggers (who happen to be members of my FlatpointHigh message board at yahoogroups.com) and message boards:
      • Davis McDavis: The Comfort Zone (an educational, fun, and
occasionally sexy blog)
      • Boston Mike: The Next Mayor of Boston (a socially relevant,
piss yourself laughing, outrageously insightful blog)
      • Jill: Slapsomeone (a bloggety-blog blog)
      • Katie: The K-Hole (The Crafty Beaver's livejournal blog)


For all of you rabbit, guinea pig, or hamster owners out there, Amy Sedaris recommends Sweet Meadow Farm for high quality pet foods.

Curious Grogg is an entertaining humor site.

The Museum of TV on DVD documents TV programs from the past and present that are available on DVD.

  These sites are not SWC-related, but are dedicated to my
  other TV favorites:

Arrested Development: Find out what's going on with BluthFamily.com - the best "Arrested Development" site on the internet!

The O.P. is a truly remarkable site dedicated to "Arrested Development". An astounding achievement!

Wonderfalls: It's actually too late to save it, and I don't know why you didn't watch it during its original run on FOX, but savewonderfalls.com is a great tribute to one of my all-time favorite shows.

High Society: In 1999 I created this tribute page to the short-lived (10/1995 - 1/96) series, which sparkled with touches of Clare Booth Luce cattiness, Noel Coward wit, and "Absolutely Fabulous" booziness and flooziness. The CBS comedy starred the incomparable Jean Smart and Mary McDonnell.


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And now, some words of appreciation...
My heartfelt THANKS go out to Matt Lappin, Jeff Solomon, and Ann Marie Spina for all of their contributions, assistance, and encouragement. If Matt hadn't found my SWC page, I would have never had the opportunity to meet Amy and Paul. He and Jeff were my envoys at the Strangers With Candy offices at Comedy Central.  Ann Marie was also an indispensable source, back in the early days of this site, for many of the images posted on these pages. Also, she was always kind enough to invite me every year to the New York Underground Film Festival, which she helps to organize and promote. One of these years I'll be able to actually attend, I promise. I must also extend another very special Thank You to SWC Property Master Dylan Sheridan who guided me around the set on the last day of filming the final episode, and who also let me play in the Prop Room for hours—he even let me take some of my favorites!  I've also been extremely honored to have met Todd Oldham on a number of occasions and for him to have given me not only his encouragement, compliments, and enthusiasm, but also his permission to use many of his remarkable photographs—some of them exclusively—on this site and on my Strangers With Candy movie site.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Joseph William Barco (who was the first person to write to me about my SWC page) and Lee Chesnut  for gently and constructively pointing out my occasional errors. I initially created this page for my own entertainment and to fill the void that I perceived on the internet (there's still a dearth of SWC presence on the web). Joe and Lee's active interest in my page was the catalyst that encouraged me to improve, expand, and promote it. Mike DuBois has also helped me in numerous ways. He spearheaded a letter-writing campaign to try to save the show and he also wrote a few temporary episode synopses that I was able to use in my third season Episode Guide until I had time to write my own. Tracey and Nan, the webmistresses of amysedaris.com, have also been very helpful by filling me in on the occasional news tidbits regarding Amy's career that I've missed.

My thanks are also extended to Orlando Pabotoy (Orlando Pinatubo), Mitch Rouse (series co-creator who played Officer Savillion, "Old Habits, New Beginnings" & "The Trip Back"), Roberto Gari (Guy Blank), Liz Fagan (a regularly featured extra on the show), Matt Fagan (Spiro Faganocoulos), Patrick Blindauer (Chip Beavers), Matt Newton (Alan, "Behind Blank Eyes"), Ward Sutton (the animator who created the 2nd & 3rd season opening and played the Police Sketch Artist in "Hit and Run"), Mark Levenson (the show's composer), Audrey Owen (Cody, "Old Habits, New Beginnings" & "Bogie Nights"), Louis DeLuca (Orderly, "Old Habits, New Beginnings" & "Hit and Run"), Victor Mastroianni (The "My eyes!" guy, "Blank Stare, Part 2" & "Is Freedom Free?"), and Troy Metcalf (Troy, the scab guy) for their email messages. It has been great communicating with people who have participated in the creation of the show.

I'm extremely grateful to Natasha Motesharei-Renaud for creating her JerriBlank club at yahoogroups.com back in the early days of SWC.  She brought many SWC fans together who later followed me to my own yahoogroups forum after Natasha decided to give up her moderating duties at her own group.  Marisa Giancarla and Bruce Gauld were valuable members of Natasha's group whose digitalized recordings greatly enhanced my ability to add screen shots to my episode guides long before the official DVD's were released by Comedy Central.  I am truly appreciative of the sincere enthusiasm that they had for the show and for the tireless philanthropic contributions they made to my humble cause.  Adam Plausinaitis was another early supporter who helped me a lot by passing along pictures and info that he'd acquired in New York, where he crosses Amy's path from time to time.  Also, I (and all fans of my SWC pages) owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ryan O'Neill at hostbaby.com for providing my site with a web home and for getting me set up with the jerriblank.com address.

I also extend much gratitude to the Friends of Jerri who have offered their support to honor the work that I've done here:
  • Jameson Combs
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  • And a very special "thank you" goes to our "Prom King", Dante Verona, for his very generous donation.

    . . . and last, but certainly not least, a special  "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"  to Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello for taking time out of their busy writing schedule to meet with me that first time in early 2000 to express their appreciation for the work that I've done here. But more importantly, I'd like to thank them and Stephen Colbert for the ongoing kindness and camaraderie that they've shown me over the years. They (and Greg Hollimon, Deborah Rush, the folks at Comedy Central, and everyone else who has contributed to the creation and continuation of the show) have my undying gratitude for having given me and all of their other fans something fresh and outrageous to make us laugh.

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    Fan-made artistic creations The latest news about SWC cast and crew members. Snippets of SWC quotes in WAV format.
    Insights about Jerri Blank, from the mouth (and pen) of Jerri Blank Links to related websites My original fan fiction, plus story ideas that people have sent to me. Take the SWC aptitude tests.
    Mini biographies of the regular and guest cast Amy Sedaris, ''Laughter Through the Tears'' The ''Strangers With Candy'' Companion My favorite quotes from the show Interviews, articles, and other related items