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"Strangers With Candy" Artistic Creations

Send me YOUR  SWC inspired artwork.
(please put "SWC Art" in the Subject field.)

The following pictures have been created by talented fans:


Here's the latest crop of treasures that have been sent to me by fans whose talents make me very jealous. Enjoy the beauty and the splendor.   »

I'm Not an Indian!  by Mark Irish

Black Velvet Jerri by Michael Kripal

Got Urine?  by Brian H.

Moist as a Snack Cake by Brock Gallagher


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« These pieces are the handiwork of the multi-talented
   Jersey Joe. Joe also authored one of the SWC story
   ideas (#7) on my Original Story Ideas page.

(Click the links below to see the larger versions)
Warhol Jerri
Bookworm Blackman
Beehive Jerri
Hookah Jerri



Jerri Blank, Forever!!!

"Jerri Blank as the Virgin of Guadalupe" by tattoo artist Terry Marks, for SWC fan Ashley Evens

Visit the "Strangers With Candy" soundboard by talented photographer Rudy Pospisil.

Beach Blanket Blank by Kalman Kish
(click to enlarge)

The Bionic Blank by Kalman Kish

A great tribute to Jerri Blank by Norn Cutson.
(click to enlarge)

Jerri Blank appears in a mock jeans ad,
by UCLA film student, Omar Hakim.
(click to enlarge)

Here are some fictional magazine covers that I created (above),
and a Wacky Packages-inspired piece (below).

Click here to see a flash animation created by Brad Cerenzia
Check out a collaboration from members of my FlatpointHigh message board at yahoogroups,
"The Sound of Jerri" (in PDF format).

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