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On this "painfully special" episode of
Strangers With Candy

    Before going to Noblet's class, Orlando gives Jerri the idea to nominate herself for Homecoming Queen. During class, Noblet intercepts a note that Jerri intends to pass to Orlando that mentions her desire to win the Homecoming crown, which most certainly would have gone to Poppy Downes if she hadn't died so tragically at the beginning of the school year. (Jerri's note also mentions vaginal puffiness). Noblet makes her stay after class so he can discourage this desire. He tells her, "You're only as ugly as we think you are." Desperate to win, Jerri concocts some unique strategies to eliminate the competition. She breaks into the nomination box and dumps all of the slips of paper into the trash. Then, realizing that she'd have to run against someone, she selects the first unattractive girl she sees, Becky Ann Bedecker. Winning won't be as easy as she thought, though, because Becky Ann is known throughout Flatpoint for committing random acts of kindness. At lunch in the cafeteria, in between being pelted in the head by food thrown by P.John, Mr. Jellineck points out to Jerri the importance of the "inner beauty" category. At home, Sara catches Jerri trying on the Homecoming crown and sash that she had won during her high school days. Sara is mortified to see her personal treasures being defiled by Jerri's touch, but she does share a few examples of what she had done to win her title. Jerri's own brother, Derrick, plans on voting for Becky Ann, despite her physical unattractiveness. Jerri decides to present herself as the kind of person who helps others, but Becky Ann is such a do-gooder that nobody will probably even notice. Jerri's plan to appear caring and helpful backfires when she dresses as a clown to entertain a wheelchair bound boy (whom she refers to as a "cripple") and the little show she puts on ends tragically. Jerri improvises a tale about the poultry Princess Cluckers and her paramour, Prince Weasel. When she puts Prince Weasel in the cardboard castle with Princess Cluckers, the musteline menace proceeds to sever the poor fowl's head in a horrifying blood bath. Becky Ann comes to the boy's rescue after he has been emotionally scarred by Jerri's pantomime gone wrong. At the Homecoming assembly, Jerri remembers Coach Wolf's advice about helping others by talking about herself, so she spews a ranting diatribe about the pitfalls of her life as a runaway in society's seedy underbelly. She ends up receiving a standing ovation, incited by Orlando. When it comes time for Principal Blackman to announce the winner of the Homecoming crown, he clearly ignores the true vote tally and awards the crown to Derrick's girlfriend Yasmine Sarong, who wasn't even an official nominee. Jerri was the actual winner, but apparently Onyx thought that Yasmine would be more suitable. Orlando tries to console Jerri, but she takes it all in stride and rhapsodizes about Yasmine's ass.

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Episode Title: "Jerri Is Only Skin Deep"

Tony's Rating:

Original Airdate: 7/12/99

Production Number: 1-06

Directed by: Danny Leiner, Bob Balaban

Writers: Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris
Additional Writers: Peg Healy, Matt Lappin

Regular Cast: AS, DR, GH, LS, OP, PD, SC, ST

Featuring:  Rebecca Rich (Becky Ann Bedecker), Sabine Singh Spiro(Yasmine Sarong)
With:  Chuck Caruso (Trake), Matt Blumm (P.John), Christopher Cardillo (wheelchair boy), Matt Fagan (Spiro, uncredited)

Flatpoint Lexicon:

() n. []

Additional Episode Information

Trivia:  Mega-fan Lee Chesnut used his sharp eye to determine that Stephen Colbert donned the Concrete Donkey costume for this episode. How did he come to this conclusion? When he saw Stephen's "King of Glory" dance at the end of the second season's "Blank Stare, Part 2", he distinctly remembered seeing the Donkey use some of the same moves in a past episode. He immediately referred to his videotaped copy of this episode to verify his suspicions. He could even tell that the panting and groaning of the Donkey was Stephen's voice!  What a victory for me, I mean "Lee".

On The 'Flatpoint High School' Sign:  "IT'S DONKEY TIME"

The Best Things In This Episode:
· Jerri's claim that she could beat Becky Ann's face with her ass.
· Jerri's clown show with the weasel and chicken.
· Noblet's confession, "We all want to be Homecoming Queen."
· Jerri's confrontational manner during her speech.

Closing Credits Dance Sequence:  The student body and faculty dance in front of the bleachers.

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