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On this "painfully special" episode of
Strangers With Candy

    Jerri's back out of prison and back to being a freshman at Flatpoint High. . . again. She's determined to be a proper girl doing proper things properly. If only that little devil on her shoulder would stop trying to convince her otherwise. On her way to school, Jerri is propositioned by an old guy who offers her a quick way to earn some lunch money. Later in school, Coach Wolf encourages her female students to remain chaste and she convinces Jerri that she can reclaim her virginity. All the girls take to wearing "Never Been Touched" ribbons with a cherry dangling from them. Jerri decides to take this new movement seriously and she rebuffs an innocent invitation from a guy named Lou who wants her to go to see a movie with him. Derrick's band-mate Drake Rogers (a Flatpoint senior who is notorious for giving girls bad reputations) sets his mind on having his way with the Virgin Jerri. But when Jerri sees how her new virgin pals Trudy and Tina treat Audrey Stapina after she was accused of whoring around with Drake she becomes determined to "keep the boulder in front of" her "love cave". Jerri's friends try to convince her to go on a date with that nice Jimmy Tickles, but she decides to go out for pizza with Drake anyway. She musters enough resistance to deflect Drake's advances, but the next day he lies and spreads word that he's had her in his cousin's camper. Jerri is shunned by all (Jellineck won't even speak to her) until she "exposes" Drake -- figuratively and literally -- and declares, "My freshness seal is still unbroken!"  In an odd twist, Coach Cherri (or is it "Cherry"?) Wolf gets it on with Carlos, the pizza man at the restaurant where she moonlights in the evenings for extra cash (the next day, the cherry is missing from her chastity awareness ribbon). In the end Jerri pulls Jimmy Tickles into a bathroom and has her way with him. Through all of this Jerri has learned that "being a virgin is a wonderful and precious thing to hold on to. . . as long as it doesn't interfere with your having sex."

Cross-section of a male high school student

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Episode Title: "The Virgin Jerri"

Tony's Rating:

Original Airdate: 1/17/00

Production Number: 2-03

Directed by: Juan Campanella

Writers: Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris
Additional Writer: Matt Lappin

Regular Cast: AS, DR, GH, LS, MT, PD (brief, no dialogue), ST (right foot only), ST

Featuring:  Jeremy Davidson (Drake Rogers)
With:  Jack Ferver (Jimmy Tickles), Tessa Ghylin (Tina), Ginger Williams (Trudy)
Also Appearing:  Sue Gisser (Audrey Stapina), Mark Ibold (Mark, the fired bandmember), Richard Leonard (Carlos), Ben Rauch (Lou)

Extra, Extra:  Matt Blumm (P.John) can be seen among the crowd in the cafeteria scene where Jerri "exposes" Drake.

Flatpoint Lexicon:

blue-veined swayback throbber (bloo' vānd swā·băk thrä·bür) n. euphemism for penis

86 (ā'·tē sĭks) v. restaurant code, meaning to cancel an order because the item is not available

freshness seal (frĕsh'·nĕs sēl) n. the thin mucous membrane that closes part or sometimes all of the opening of the vagina; maidenhead; hymen

love cave (lŭv' kāv) n. euphemism for vagina

meat curtain (mēt' kür'·tĭn) n. protracted vaginal labia

puta (poo'·tä) Spanish word meaning whore or bitch

69 (sĭks'·tē nīn) v. sexual act in which two people perform oral sex on each other simultaneously

Additional Episode Information

Tessa Ghylin's character, Tina, was originally called Tamara in the script. The writers probably realized that Tammi is a nickname for Tamara and changed it at the last minute.
· After her presumed night of passion with Carlos, Coach Wolf hums "Jarabe Tapatio" (aka "La Raspa" or "The Mexican Hat Dance"), the same tune that is used for the Closing Credits sequence of "Is My Daddy Crazy?"
· Stephen Colbert's right foot is the only part of him that appears in this episode, during the scene in which Jerri is sucking on a lollipop while Drake asks her out.
· Audrey's last name was spelled "Stupina" in the script, "Stapina" on the school sign, and was pronounced "Stupino" by one of the students.
· Mark Ibold was dating the show's Costume Designer, Victoria Farrell, at the time that this episode was filmed.

Dialogue Altered or Deleted:
Jerri, behind the dumpster, looks at Drake's manhood and says:
    · "Someone's off to a running start." (from the shooting draft of the script)
    · "I could chip a tooth on that." (version that aired)

On The 'Flatpoint High School' Sign:  "AUDREY STAPINA IS A WHORE"

In The Background: A sign on the bathroom door says "Don't Deflower, Use Donkey Power

Comment:  Not much of the regular supporting cast here, just Tammi Littlenut and Coach Wolf. Sara, Derrick, and Onyx make brief appearances. Jellineck pops up, but doesn't even speak one line. Guy, Orlando, and Noblet are M.I.A.

The Best Things In This Episode:
· Coach Wolf smashes a cherry with a mallet.
· Cherri is seduced by Carlos's way with pizza dough.

Closing Credits Dance Sequence:  Listen for the great song that plays as the cast dances in the pizza parlor: "Feeling Good", performed by Alessandra.

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