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On this "painfully special" episode of
Strangers With Candy

    While preparing for the Interschool Father-Student Sack Race, Jerri decides to take a break to get a hot dog to eat so she leaves her father on the field to practice alone. Guy Blank is so focused on his task that he doesn't realize he has hopped into the middle of the street. Before you know it he sees a bus speeding toward him, but it stops just in time. A startled and shaken Jerri watches helplessly as the mascots for Flatpoint's rival High School, the Mt. Valley Rabid Dogs, are released from the very same bus and then proceed to attack her father. She runs toward the scene, but is still devouring her hot dog, while the Rabid Dogs are devouring her Daddy. After Guy is killed Jerri is in total denial. She thinks that he's still alive and that she'll see him again at any moment. All Mr. Jellineck can do is think about the horrible possibility that he too may lose his father's father's dear father. Apparently, Geoffrey's Great Grandfather is ailing... poor thing. Meanwhile, Principal Blackman thinks that a grieving student may interfere with the upcoming Sack Race festivities. He did take the time, however, to stop by Guy Blank's wake to give the widow a Jell-O mold that his mother made. Sara tossed it on the floor with the others and whispered to Mr. Blackman that "Guy's last wish was that no darkies attend his wake."  Sara has nothing but praise for Sharpei, the flamboyant makeup artist who used putty and paint to put what was left of Guy Blank back together. Mr. Noblet is none too pleased when Jerri's tragedy interferes with his annual Clown Class event (He dresses as the harlequin from I Pagliacci and talks about how the best humor is derived from tragedy. His students look forward to this class all year.). Onyx seems to think that a mourning student has no place in Flatpoint. Cassie Pines, Student Counselor, seems to agree and she proceeds to encourage Jerri to "go home". Jerri really regrets the fact that because of her 32 year stint as a teenage runaway she didn't have much time to get to know her father, and just as the two were starting to get close he was taken away from her. She searches through his belongings to try to discover who Guy Blank really was. She doesn't even notice the handgun, human finger, and wad of money he kept hidden in a box. She thinks nothing of his Ku Klux Klan robe and hood hanging in the closet, but is surprised to learn that he played golf. She then finds a new sack that Guy bought especially for their upcoming sack race. She takes the sack (and Guy's ashes) and rushes to the school. As it turns out, Tammi, Orlando, and the rest of the student body have decided not to race against the Mt. Valley Rabid Dogs in deference to Jerri's fatherless situation, so it's now up to Jerri to win the Golden Sack trophy for Flatpoint. She enters the race and she and Guy's ashes are first to cross the finish line. Her victory is short-lived, however, because the referee finds a passage in the rule book that specifically states that at least 50% of the parent must cross the finish line and Jerri spilled most of her Daddy while hopping across the gym floor. Mt. Valley snatches the Golden Sack from Principal Blackman's clutches. Jerri has learned that you never really lose a parent, unless they die. Then they're gone forever.

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Episode Title: "The Goodbye Guy"

Tony's Rating:

Original Airdate: 2/7/00

Production Number: 2-04

Directed by: Peter Lauer

Writers: Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris
Additional Writer: Matt Lappin

Regular Cast: AS, DR, GH, LS, MT, OP, PD, RG, SC

With:  Janeane Garofalo (Cassie Pines), Joel Fabiani (Doctor), Kevyn Aucoin (Sharpei), John Ottavino (Donnie Tommie, Mt. Valley Coach), Chuck Cooper (Referee)

Extra, Extra:
• Louis DeLuca, who was Amy Sedaris's boss at Marion's Continental, plays a hospital orderly, just as he did in "Old Habits, New Beginnings". He also played a Flatpoint teacher in the original unaired pilot.
• Dana Lubotsky, who played Shannon (the girl who drew her vagina) in "There Once Was a Blank From Nantucket", can be seen in Noblet's legendary Clown Class.

Flatpoint Lexicon:

blind man's jack-o'-lantern (blīnd mănz jăk'·ō·lăn'·türn) n. 1 a disorderly or confused mass; a botch up; a muddle; a mess  2 a pumpkin carved by a sight-less individual  3 the appearance of Guy Blank's face after having been mauled by rabid dogs

Winner of the Season Two
Golden Donkey Awards for
"Best Celebrity Guest
Appearance" [Janeane
Garofalo] and "Best
Closing Credits Dance
Winner of the Guy Blank Memorial Award for "Lifetime Achievement"
[Roberto Gari]
Additional Episode Information

· The sack race scene at the end was filmed at Iona Preperatory School (255 Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, NY). You can see the school's name above the referee's head as the race is about to begin. Inside the school, Stephen Colbert saw a photograph of the class of 1938 and was surprised to see his father in the picture.
· The license plate of the Blanks' car is 79-69SDH.
· The license plate on the Mt. Valley bus, DS-10669, is the same as the one on Blackman's car during the reenactment scene in "Hit and Run".
· Geoffrey mentions that his father drove him to work, but in "The Trip Back" he told his class that his parents were brutally murdered. Also, Chuck is devestated by the thought that his Daddy will die some day, but in a flashback to his childhood in "To Be Young, Gifted, and Blank" his mother says cryptically, "...and we all know what happened to your father."
· Pinatubo, Orlando's last name, is the name of a volcano in the Philippines.
· Kevyn Aucoin is a well-known celebrity makeup artist. Amy Sedaris appears as Angie Dickinson in Aucoin's book, "Face Forward".
· Janeane Garofalo and Strangers co-creator Mitch Rouse were once an item.
· Originally, Guy was supposed to be eaten by the Carlot Cougar, but the logistics (i.e. cost, danger) necessitated a rewrite. The Mount Valley team was then going to be called the Rottweilers, but ultimately became the Rabid Dogs.
· The name of Janeane Garofalo's character, Cassie Pines was derived from coffin-related terminology: "casket" and "pine box".
· The man in the coffin at Guy Blank's funeral is not Roberto Gari. The actor was not comfortable with the idea of being in a casket, so a stand-in (or "lie-in") had to be found.
· The reason Blackman ran out of the cafeteria during the scene in which Cassie attempted to "counsel" Jerri is because he learned that the still-on-the-loose Rabid Dogs had attacked two of his chickens. The entire subplot about the dogs still running rampant was dropped due to time constraints.
· There was another unused subplot in which the Rabid Dogs' coach, Donnie Tommie, tried to get Derrick to switch schools so he could be recruited for the Mt. Valley sack race team, despite the fact that Derrick's father had been killed by the opposing school's mascots. By the end of the episode Donnie Tommie would also have fallen victim to his team's feral canines.

On The 'Flatpoint High School' Sign:  "FLATPOINT DADDIES DO IT IN THE SACK"

The Best Things In This Episode:
· The irony of Jerri eating a dog, while dogs are eating her father.
· Noblet's pride in his "Clown Class".
· Jerri's reaction at touching her own hand, thinking it's the hand of her father's corpse.
· Seeing Guy Blank (Roberto Gari) finally move. And what vigorous movement it was!

Comment:  So far this season Jerri still hasn't had a new pet, nor has she shouted, "I've got something to say!"

Closing Credits Dance Sequence:  My personal favorite — Guy Blank walks through a doorway bathed in a bright light, then Jerri and her Daddy start to share a tender slow dance. With a sudden SCRATCH !!! the music abruptly speeds into a dance tune and father and daughter proceed to boogie. Jerri even grinds her booty into her Daddy's crotch.

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