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  • 3/22/03 - Amy Sedaris attended a showing of The Play What I Wrote at New York's Lyceum theatre with pals Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • [On The Tube]
    • 3/30/03 - Dylan Baker's twisted FOX sitcom, "The Pitts", premieres tonight at 9:30pm EST.
    • 2/24/03 - Amy Sedaris appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" to give a report and show her video coverage of the Grammy Awards events of the previous evening.  Amy said that she never made it home that night, and she was still wearing the same little black dress that she had worn to the festivities. Amy then showed off some great footage and a hickey from Boz Scaggs. There were also clips of Amy with the Dixie Chicks (who she claims to have left the party with), Art Garfunkel and son, George Clinton, Cyndi Lauper, and Paul Shaffer, among others.
  • Major DVD News from Comedy Central !!!
    Posted 2/11/03
    Insomniac begins biggest DVD push for popular cable network.
    By Laurence Lerman 2/7/2003
    FEB. 7 | NEW YORK--Comedy Central is getting serious about the DVD business, putting together its most ambitious slate of releases starting with "Best of Insomniac With Dave Attell Uncensored", now in stores.
        Also on tap for release is series compilations of "Primetime Glick", "Strangers With Candy" and "Crank Yankers" and a collection of stand-up performances under the "Comedy Central Presents" banner.
        With Attell providing stand-up, Comedy Central held a party this week at the Gramercy Comedy Club that acted as an unofficial launch party for the channel's new distribution arrangement for its upcoming line of DVD titles.
        Comedy Central Home Video has been in existence since 1998, primarily releasing installments of "South Park" and "Politically Incorrect" through a distribution deal with Warner Home Video and Rhino Home Video.
        However, with the release of "Jim Breuer: Hardcore" DVD last fall, Comedy Central kicked off a distribution deal with Alternative Distribution Alliance, a division of Warner.
        Joe Lyons, director of new business development for Comedy Central, describes the agreement as "a more or less straight distribution deal" wherein ADA covers retail marketing and sales and Comedy Central oversees package design and content, including bonus materials. The agreement also stipulates that Warner has a first-look option to distribute the release of any title that airs on Comedy Central, an option it continues to exercise with the "South Park" series.
        Comedy Central will release the titles on DVD only. "Best of Insomniac" has an SRP of $14.99.
        Lyons said Comedy Central will schedule releases to tie in with a series. "The Best of Primetime Glick" DVD, for example, is scheduled for May, when the series begins its third season.
        The only season of the network's satirical look at the U.S. president, "That's My Bush", is tentatively set to be released in early 2004, an obvious tie-in since it's a national election year.
        "We're trying to encourage and work with retail as much as we can with this kind of coordination," said Lyons. "We can create a very nice shelf for them."
        The Comedy Central original movie Porn 'n' Chicken is also coming to DVD. Executives said there are no plans to release "The Daily Show" on DVD.
    Sources: VideoBusiness.com and DVDFILE.com. Thanks to my Valentine (Kristopher Valentine, that is) for the information.
  • [Check Your Local Newsstand]
    • Winter 2003 - Amy is featured in a two-page spread in the latest edition of her favorite magazine, Nest.
    • Amy also contributed a list of "must-haves" for surviving winter in New York to the latest issue of Flaunt magazine.
      Thanks to Tracey and Nan, webmistresses of amysedaris.com, for these items!
  • 12/18/02 - SWC fan Carrie, aka cornflakegirl, sent me the following "Strangers With Candy" news:
    I have digital cable and live in Raleigh, N.C. We've got the pay-per-view and i-control (video on-demand that you can pause, ff, etc. You know the deal) But now there was all these other on-demand channels. Golf, CNN, Cartoon, Food, Biography, COMEDY etc. It's Comedy Central on-demand and guess what's been airing??? You guessed it! 3 episodes at a time. They were showing 11, 12, and 13 when I discovered this gold mine. They rotate 11 out bring in 14 etc. Now they have only two choices of episodes and I'm starting to stress. I hope they continue, as I haven't seen "Is Freedom Free?" yet.
    And another tasty tidbit:
    One other gem I came across the other day is online free radio that plays the episodes of SWC 24 Hrs. a Day!  I thought you should check it out (if you haven't already) http://www.live365.com and just search Flatpoint High Radio. I e-mailed the guy who broadcasts and he wrote back and was very friendly as well. SWC has a good group of fans.
  • [On Stage] 12/16/02 - Jackie Hoffman (Miss Plog, "A Price Too High For Riches") and Dylan Baker (Minister Arsenew, "Is Freedom Free?") will appear in the Drama Dept. Christmas Pageant Holiday Spectacular, along with Robert Ari, Mary Birdsong, Patrick Breen, Chip Kidd, Judy Kuhn, Marc Kudish, Mary Beth Peil, Isaac Mizrahi, Caroline Rhea, Ben Waltzer, and host Douglas Carter Beane (The Country Club). The show starts at 7pm in the Lucille Lortel Theater, 121 Christopher Street, New York, NY.
  • [On The Big Screen] 12/13/02 - Amy Sedaris plays Rachel Hoffberg in the new J-Lo/Ralph Fiennes romantic comedy Maid In Manhattan, but she's still just Amy from the block. The film, which opens today, also stars Natasha Richardson, Bob Hoskins, Frances Conroy ("Six Feet Under"), and Stanley Tucci. Maid in Manhattan was directed by Wayne Wang, who at one time had intended to direct Matthew Broderick, Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker, in a film version of some David Sedaris stories. It's funny how these celebrities' lives all interweave like a Chinaman's topknot (FYI: this is a line from the original SWC pilot)
    Click here to see Amy Sedaris, Natasha Richardson,
    and Jennifer Lopez in ''Maid in Manhattan''"
  • 12/8/02 - Amy attended the premiere of Maid In Manhattan in New York.
  • [On The Tube]
    • Winter 2002/03 - Jenna Lamia (Poppy Downes, "Old Habits, New Beginnings") appears in a new commercial for Visa Check Card with brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber (of the NY Giants and Tampa Bay Bucs):

    • 12/09/02 - Richard Kind plays yet another TV sitcom doctor on the CBS show "Still Standing". His role as the boss of Jami Gertz's character, Judy Miller, follows his 1999 "Strangers With Candy" guest appearance as Harry Link, DDS ("Who Wants Cake?") and his recurring role as Dr. Mark Devanow on NBC's "Mad About You".
    • 11/28/02 - Amy gave us a Thanksgiving treat by appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman". She talked about the following things:
      • She's done a print advertisement that appears in the latest issue of her favorite magazine, Nest and she showed off the skirt that her friend Todd Oldham made for her with the bunny print fabric that was featured in that ad. Amy called it her "early menopause look".
      • She had been invited to dine at Susan Sarandon's house that day, but she couldn't make it because of her "Late Show" appearance.
      • She was expecting a number of friends to drop by her place for dessert later that evening and she planned to take Polaroids of them that they could buy for $5 each. People used to pose with her dearly departed rabbit, Tattle Tail, so Amy suggested that perhaps now they could pose with Tattle Tail's ashes instead.
      • Dave asked her to describe the Christmas gifts that she's been making and she mentioned the Bic lighters that she's covered with wood-grain shelf paper and will give to children. She's also worked on putting faces on pine nuts, but they cause roach problems. She said that every year she gives bacon grease (in ice cube trays) to everyone in her family and she's also making cookbooks to give to people.
      • She gave Dave some tips to make Thanksgiving guests feel comfortable, like cracking open new bottles of liquor, so people won't feel funny about opening them. And saying, "Would you like a bottle of wine?" instead of "Would you like another bottle of wine?" so guests wouldn't feel like alcoholics.
      • She made a few funny cracks about lesbian party guests liking to prepare their party dishes in her kitchen and getting in her way, taking up her counter space and using her utensils. But she said, on the plus side, that they wouldn't get any hair in the food. She joked that her comments might inspire complaint letters to be written to Letterman. (I guess CBS and the "Late Show" staff either assume that the possibility of offending lesbians doesn't matter or perhaps the gay community has a better sense of humor than African Americans, because they let these comments air.   See the 3/25/02 entry.)
      • Dave asked Amy about Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's new baby and she said that the baby is about the size of an eggplant and he always has his arm up, so it looks like he's always ready to answer questions.
      • She said that she likes to pretend that the Brodericks' infant is hers, so now she and her imaginary boyfriend, Ricky, are going to try to have a baby of their own. When Dave asked what Ricky does for a living Amy responded that he's a grip who works a lot in Argentina. She also said that she tried having an imaginary know-it-all dog named Douglas, but she couldn't think of enough facts for him to know, so the dog went away.
      • Finally, Amy discussed her appearance in the film Maid in Manhattan and said that she was Jennifer Lopez's ass double in the movie. She also described co-star and "classy lady" Natasha Richardson's home decor.

      Click here to see pictures of Amy's appearance on "The Late Show"
    • Ryan Patrick Bachand (Arnie Arsenew, "Is Freedom Free?") appears in a new commercial for Burlington Coat Factory.
  • 11/18/02 - A bit of Amy casting news:
    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The ensemble for Paul Reiser's untitled comedy pilot at FX has been set, with Kissing Jessica Stein co-writer/star Jennifer Westfeldt among the cast.

    Also on board are Amy Sedaris (Maid in Manhattan); Mark McKinney ("Kids in the Hall"); Alec Mapa ("Some of My Best Friends"); Peter Friedman (Someone Like You); Ileen Getz (Changing Lanes); Tracy Middendorf ("The Division"); Lizette Carrion ("Freaky Links"); and Max Beesley (Glitter).

    The potential half-hour series concerns a seemingly unconnected group of New Yorkers whose lives randomly intersect.

    Reiser and playwright Steven Sater are serving as writers and executive producers, with talent manager Arthur Spivak also an executive producer. The pilot is being shot in New York, with Adam Bernstein ("Retardation: A Celebration") directing.

  • [On Stage] 10/20 & 10/27/02 @ 7:30pm - JACKIE HOFFMAN Live at Joe's Pub: If You Call This Living
    Obie-award winning cock-eyed pessimist Jackie Hoffman, of Broadway's Hairspray, brings the best of her offensive kvetching and music to new lows. Piano: David Brunetti, Director: Michael Schiralli.  [Buy tickets]
  • [On The Tube]
    • 10/10/02 - Paul Rudd begins a multi-episode story arc as Phoebe's new beau, Mike, on the NBC "must-see" hit, "Friends".
    • 10/4/02 (repeated 10/7 - 10:00pm; 10/10 - 11:00pm; 10/13 - 6:00pm) - Amy made an appearance on the USA network's program "Monk" in an episode entitled "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake". In the episode, Sharona (played by Bitty Schram) is forbidden to enter her apartment because of earthquake damage, so she and Benjy are forced to spend the next few days with her snippy and competitive sister, Gail (Amy Sedaris).

    • Click here to see pictures of Amy's first appearance on "Monk"

    • 9/20/20 - Look for Alan Tudyk (Father, "Blank Stare") in his new series "Firefly", a sci-fi "space western" that premieres tonight on FOX.
  • [On The Big Screen] Deborah Rush (Sara Blank) appears in the Jennifer Aniston flick, The Good Girl. Deborah plays Gwen Jackson, the Retail Rodeo co-worker of Jennifer Aniston's character.
  • [On Stage] There are a few "Strangers With Candy" connections to the hit Broadway musical adaptation of the John Waters film Hairspray.   In the show, Jackie Hoffman (Miss Plog, "A Price Too High For Riches") plays a gym teach, a prison warden, and Penny Pingleton's mother, Prudence.   Laura Bell Bundy (Kimberly Timothy, "Retardation: A Celebration") plays Tracy Turnblad's nemesis Amber von Tussle.   And the book for the stage version was written by Mark O'Donnell, (Flatpoint High School Librarian, "Is My Daddy Crazy?").
  • [Check Your Local Newsstand] -- Amy appears in the "Fashion Police" section of the 8/19/02 issue of US Weekly magazine next to the heading, "When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People". The comments were made by MTV VJ Dave Holmes and comedians Jim David, Danielle Koenig, and Matt Weinhold.
    Click here to see the clipping.
  • 8/14/02 - Amy attended the TRIO network's "Film and Music Under the Stars" in NYC's Bryant Park, with a free India.Arie Concert and Amy's preview of the 2002 New Orleans Jazzfest. Below, Amy is seen with Ricki Lake and Kristen Johnston.
  • [On the Air] 8/4/02 - Amy was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition - Sunday during the "Summer Reading" portion of the program. She discussed a few books that she has read recently: Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Raising Cain by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson, and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The NPR website also lists Is There No Place on Earth for Me? by Susan Sheehan, Blue Angel by Francine Prose, and The Easter Parade by Richard Yates as some of Amy's favorite books.

  • [On the Tube]
    • 8/17 & 8/18/02 - Amy will host a two-part special about the New Orleans Jazz Fest on the TRIO digital cable network.
    • 7/28/02 - Amy Sedaris will begin her run as a recurring character on HBO's Sex and the City. The following is from TV Guide's "Cheers and Jeers" section:
      CHEERS to new friends. HBO has signed two of our favorite funny ladies to recurring status on Sex and the City: Former Saturday Night Live regular Molly Shannon and ex-Strangers With Candy star Amy Sedaris. They'll play colleagues at a book company who are publishing a collection of Carrie's columns, and they'll no doubt give Sarah Jessica Parker (and the series) some fresh inspiration. When Sex returns July 21, Shannon and Sedaris should be the breeze a midsummer needs.
      Click here to see pictures of Amy's appearance on "Sex and the City"

    • 7/25/02 - Amy made a return visit to "The Late Show with David Letterman", but she didn't really discuss her upcoming stint on Sex and the City. She wore the same whimsical, kitschy, full-length, apron-inspired dress that she wore to the SATC premiere last Tuesday. Some of the subjects touched upon:
      • Her tan. She says that she has "tanorexia" and that much of her current tan was obtained during her coverage of the New Orleans Jazz Festival for the digital cable channel Trio. She also said that in her childhood the Sedaris children would have tanning competitions. They'd set up an "emollients center" with all of their lotions to prepare for the contest. Her sister Gretchen was usually a big winner because she'd even get tan inside her ears.
      • Sarah Jessica Parker. Amy joked that SJP is "stingy," "crisis prone," and owes her a lot of money. She also said that SJP and hubby Matthew Broderick just bought a new home a block away from Amy's place and that Amy has already laid claim to a room there. She wants to be their nanny. Perhaps Amy would seduce the mister, too, seeing how SJP is currently "bigger" than she is.
      • Tattletail. She discussed her grief period after the death of her rabbit, Tattletail. She said that after bouts of sobbing her eyes out she'd look at herself in the bathroom mirror and think about the kinds of melodramatic situations in Lifetime made-for-TV movies: having a tumor in the brain, seeing a friend beaten by her husband, etc. Those kinds of high drama situations are always good for a laugh in Amy's book. She also stated that Tattletail was cremated and is in an urn in her apartment. She has since renamed her "Ashley." After Tattletail's death Amy decided to do a little redecorating and her friend, fashion designer Todd Oldham, helped her. She now has a screen door into her bedroom and she plans to embroider some insects onto it.
      • Imaginary Ricky. Amy said that her imaginary boyfriend Ricky showed up to help her crisis and she admitted that they've been discussing marriage.
      • Crafts. She said that besides reading she also plans to spend the rest of the Summer working on her crafts, particularly her latest coconut creation. She takes half a coconut, hollows it out, dries it, pulls the hairy stuff off, drills a hole in the back, and turns it into a little cup to place beneath a wall-mounted bottle opener. The coconut catches the bottle top. She said that these make great housewarming gifts. I bet Martha Stewart will steal that idea.
      • Country Road. Amy got into the spotlight and sang a bit of John Denver's "Country Road". She hoped that she wasn't going to make Dave's musical guests "Tweezer" (Weezer) feel threatened.

      Click here to see pictures of Amy's appearance on "The Late Show"
  • 7/16/02 - Amy attended the premiere of the fifth season of HBO's hit comedy Sex and the City at New York's American Museum of Natural History. She made her "pink carpet" arrival with her friend, actor Justin Theroux (Mullholland Drive, Broken Hearts Club).
  • [Check Your Local Newsstand] -- Last year Amy Sedaris made the Entertainment Weekly "It List", so this year it's Stephen Colbert's turn. In the 6/28 - 7/5/02 issue, Stephen shares his accolade with his Daily Show co-conspiritor Steve Carell.
  • [On the Tube] 7/12/02 - Amy appeared on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" once again. Conan's other guest, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, has probably never encountered such a wild and untamed creature like her before. Their conversation encompassed such diverse subjects as Botox injections and actor John C. Reilly. Amy also brought a box of summer treats, which included Xanax and its herbal equivalent, the Augusten Burroughs book "Running With Scissors" and Alice Sebold's "The Lovely Bones", a huge pair of women's underwear, rolling papers, a self-help book about grieving and coping with loss, urine sample cups, baby oil and iodine (for a homemade tanning lotion), and a "lesbian" CD by HEM.

  • Click here to see a picture of Amy's appearance on "Late Night"

  • [On Stage] 6/15/02 - The Toyota Comedy Festival Presents "Over the Edge: A Full Day of Free Comedy" at The Public Theater. At 3:00pm, "Reading It: An Afternoon of Literary Comedy" was hosted by Jonathan Ames (My Less Than Secret Life; What's Not To Love?). Some of the funniest novelists, playwrights, and satirists gathered to read hilarious selections from both their published writings and works-in-progress. Among the featured authors: Oni Faida Lampley (The Dark Kalamazoo; Mixed Babies), Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City; 4 Blondes), Rob Siegel & Todd Hanson (editor and head writer of The Onion); Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert & Paul Dinello (creators and stars of Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy; authors of forthcoming book Wigfield), and writer/comedian Andy Blitz ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien")
  • 5/7/02 - Sad news. Kevyn Aucoin, the master makeup artist who played Sharpei in episode 2-04 "The Goodbye Guy", died today at age 40. Aucoin died at Westchester Medical Center from complications of a metabolic disorder. He had been treated for a pituitary brain tumor in the past year. Aucoin, born on Valentine's Day in 1962, had a lifelong love of makeup. During his youth in Lafayette, La., Aucoin would rip out photos from magazines and try to replicate the models' makeup on his sisters. He moved to New York in January 1983 and spent his time making up models for free. His big break came eight months later, when Vogue magazine booked him to work on a photo shoot of Meg Tilly. He did his first cover in 1986, working with Richard Avedon. Aucoin was the author of three books, "Face Forward", featuring Amy Sedaris as Angie Dickinson's Police Woman, "Making Faces", and "The Art of Makeup". He was also an activist, remembered as an opinionated person with strong political views who was outspoken about gay rights.    www.kevynaucoin.com
  • 4/20/02 - Happy 38th birthday to Stephen Colbert.
  • [On Stage] 4/14/02 - "JACKIE HOFFMAN: If You Call This Living" at Joe's Pub in downtown Manhattan. Obie award winning cockeyed pessimist Jackie Hoffman brings the best of her offensive kvetching and music to new lows.
  • [Trifecta Update] - Trifecta has been renamed Pioneer Town and has been put into "turnaround", which means that the studio that was to produce the film has put the project on their back burner and are allowing Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert, and David Pasquesi to shop the property around to other studios.

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