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Final Exam

Let's see how much you know about the third season. Or maybe we'll just learn how much you like shiny things and cake.

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1. In episode 3-01, "Jerri's Burning Issue", which STD was Jerri not diagnosed with?

2. In episode 3-01, "Jerri's Burning Issue", Jellineck created a phallic sculpture modeled after...
the one that Rudolph Valentino reportedly gave to Ramon Navarro
Chuck Noblet's naughty bits
ancient Pompeiian art
a representation of the fabulously deformed Greek fertility god, Priapus

3. In episode 3-02, "Is Freedom Free?", what was the title of Buddah Stalin's album?
Suck My Freedom
The United Hates of Ascarica
Diarrhea Milkshake
Buddah Stalin: (Almost) Live

4. In episode 3-02, "Is Freedom Free?", what magazine did Jerri borrow an image from to modify her art project?
Monthly Visitor
Muff Parade

5. In episode 3-03, "Trail of Tears", Sara revealed to Jerri that she was adopted and that her birth mother was a member of which Native American tribe?
Shingo Beak

6. In episode 3-03 "Trail of Tears", Wendell told Jerri that his camp name was Two Bears and she told him that her street name was...
Spread-um Thighs
Crafty Beaver
Tomahawk Chopper
Dances With Poles
Creeps Up Trail

7. In episode 3-06, "Invisible Love", in what season of the year did this episode take place?

8. In episode 3-06, "Invisible Love", Noblet acted out a scene from which musical that was based upon a work by Shakespeare?
West Side Story
The Lion King
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd

9. In episode 3-04, "Is My Daddy Crazy?", what did Stew not do with a dairy product?
shave his face
sculpt a self-portrait
tuck point the chimney
shingle the roof

10. In episode 3-04, "Is My Daddy Crazy?", which one of Jerri's friends did not attend her slumber party?

11. In episode 3-05, "Blank Relay", what product did squat-thrust champion Derrick recommend to Jerri?
MaxiBulk 1000
MaxiBulk 10000
MaxiBulk 2000
MaxiBulk 5000

12. In episode 3-05, "Blank Relay", what was detected in the urine sample that was taken—for random drug test purposes—right before the State Finals?
a vicious case of gonorrhea
fudge-related diabetes
early stages of menopause
rampant steroid use

13. In episode 3-07, "Ask Jerri", what was the first thing that Noblet asked the new Research Assistant, Sydney, to research?
a cinnamon chip scone
whether an antique Shaker table matches Key West colors or not
a Nutty Good bar
a Chocolonic bar
Salty Crispy Fatties and Fatty Salty Crispies

14. In episode 3-07, "Ask Jerri", Sara hoped that Jerri's new advice column would backfire in her face like...
every other thing she had ever tried
a St. Bernard that had eaten liver
a trailer park pick-up truck
a hillbilly's rifle
Stew, after too much meat

15. In episode 3-08, "There Once Was a Blank From Nantucket", who did Jerri not claim as one of her influences?
Lee Harvey Oswald
Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo
Buddah Stalin
Charles Manson

16. In episode 3-08, "There Once Was a Blank From Nantucket", what did Tammi play as a member of the Flat Notes, the school's jazz band?
the cymbals
the timpani
the stringy paddle
tenor saxophone

17. In episode 3-09, "Bully", which team did Jerri lift for in the prison's Heavy Metal Club?
White Supremacists

18. In episode 3-09, "Bully", Jerri was wearing...
the necklace with the tooth that Ricky gave her in "Bogie Nights"
the track suit she wore to the motel in "A Burden's Burden"
the penis-shaped earrings she wore in "The Virgin Jerri"
that shifting Indian underwear ("It's creeping up the trail") from "The Trip
" and "Trail of Tears"
all of the above

19. In the final episode 3-10, "The Last Temptation of Blank", which Flatpoint business was not represented in the new strip mall?
NutriWhiz Nutrition Center
Comfort Zone
Corn Doggery
Safe Trap Arcade
Daisy's Misstep

20. In the final episode 3-10, "The Last Temptation of Blank", what did Principal Blackman say he loves?
the scent of a woman, preferably a middle-aged white one
a hot shower, after a hard day of principaling
the sweet smell of success
the smell of flaming sticky buns
the sound of his own voice
seeing the rise of a mushroom cloud over his school

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Answer the "Strangers With Candy" Extra Credit Question
Answer the 'Strangers With Candy' Extra Credit Question


  1. Dr. Zorders told Jerri that her syphilis was infested with crabs and that the crabs were carrying gonorrhea, so "herpes" seems to be the only thing she didn't have.
  2. Jellineck was about to fire up a replica of "Pompeiian art" in his ThermaFlare 5000.
  3. "The United Hates of Ascarica" was the title of a song on Buddah Stalin's album, "Suck My Freedom".
  4. Jerri put a cutout of her face on the body of a woman snipped from the pages of "Muff Parade".
  5. Jerri was told about her "Aramapu" heritage. Before the episode was filmed, Amy said that the tribe was going to be called Shingo Beak.
  6. Just call Jerri "Spread-um Thighs".
  7. Everyone was up in arms about the upcoming "Fall" Make Out Festival.
  8. Noblet was appropriately melodramatic and over-the-top doing a scene as Maria from "West Side Story".
  9. Stew found all sorts of interesting things to do with cheese, but "shaving his face" was not one of them (that we know of).
  10. "Sylvia" was not among the attendees at Jerri's sleepover.
  11. The MaxiBulk that Derrick recommended to Jerri was of the "10000" variety.
  12. A "vicious case of gonorrhea" was detected in Principal Blackman's urine.
  13. Noblet sent Sydney out for a "cinnamon chip scone".
  14. As we all know, poor southerners are hilarious, so the answer is "a hillbilly's rifle".
  15. "Buddah Stalin" may be one of Jerri's idols, but she apparently didn't consider him to be among "the greats" when asked who had influenced her.
  16. Nuttage played "the cymbals".
  17. Just as with her sexuality, when it came to weight lifting in prison Jerri played for "both" teams.
  18. Throughout the episode, Jerri sported the "necklace with the tooth that her long-lost son Ricky returned to her".
  19. There was no "NutriWhiz Nutrition Center" located in the new strip mall.
  20. As Flatpoint High School burned, Principal Blackman stated that he loves "the smell of flaming sticky buns".