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''Strangers With Candy'': The Movie Strangers With Candy: The Movie   [DVD]
In this prequel to the TV series, Jerri Blank gets out of prison and returns home, only to discover that during her 32-year absence her real mother has died and her father has slipped into a coma. When her father has a slight reaction to her presence, the family doctor suggests that Jerri should move back into the family home, much to her stepmother's chagrin, and try to bring her father back to the magical time when she was a young girl and his life was worth being conscious for. Jerri decides to pick her life up exactly where she left off, so she re-enrolls as a high school freshman and tries to win an upcoming Science Fair in an attempt to make her father proud of her.
''Strangers With Candy'': The Complete Series DVD Strangers With Candy: The Complete Series   [DVD]
This painfully special Box Set, which is packaged in a cool Trapper Keeper notebook, includes all episodes from all three seasons, director's cuts of several episodes, 20 minutes of deleted scenes, audio commentaries, and more. It is not known whether or not any of the bonus material that was included on the three separate DVD releases will also be found in this collection. This treasure will be available on June 27, 2006, which is the day before the Strangers With Candy movie hits theaters!
''Strangers With Candy'' Season One DVD Strangers With Candy: Season One   [DVD]
Everyone's favorite middle-aged high school student has finally come to DVD. Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a self-described "user, boozer and loser," takes on the perils and pratfalls of high school after having lived for 32 years as a teenage runaway. A critic and cult hit, Comedy Central's "Strangers With Candy" twists the conventions of the classic after-school special to create a completely original comedy series. In these 10 classic episodes, Jerri deals with anorexia, racism, her stepmother's alcoholism, retardation, motherhood, beauty, a trip back to drug abuse, and life as a violin prodigy.   BONUS: the original unaired pilot, plus commentary on four episodes by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert.
''Strangers With Candy'' Season Two DVD Strangers With Candy: Season Two   [DVD]
Everyone's favorite middle-aged high school student, Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), has to repeat her freshman year... again. In these 10 episodes from the second season of "Strangers With Candy", you'll see Jerri reclaim her virginity, befriend a blind student, ponder her future career, commit to a fake marriage, and join a love cult. On top of all that, she also has to deal with a death in the family, a car accident involving her art teacher, her own illiteracy, and poverty.   BONUS: commentary on four episodes by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert; also included is an interview conducted at New York's Museum of Television and Radio with the show's creative trio plus Greg Hollimon (Principal Blackman) and producer Kent Alterman.

''Strangers With Candy'' Season Three DVD Strangers With Candy: Season Three   [DVD]
Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) continues her never-ending freshman year at Flatpoint High School. In these 10 episodes from the third season of "Strangers With Candy", you'll see Jerri battle a wicked case of compounded STD's, fight censorship, explore her Native American heritage after discovering that she was adopted, grope for self respect, cope with her stepmother's lover's insanity, become a steroids-enhanced track star, take on an advice column in the school paper, simultaneously enjoy and rue being sexually harassed, confront a bully, and (gasp!) become popular. Extras include a blooper reel, dance sequence compilation, and animated opening storyboards.

Buy Stephen's book, ''I Am America (And So Can You!)'' "I Am America (And So Can You!)"
by Stephen Colbert
The Stephen Colbert cultural Juggernaut brings the revolution to bookshelves as America's greatest hero (other than Tek Jansen) takes on terrorists, atheists, environmentalists, Kashi brand breakfast cereals, and every other threat to our nation's stability. Colbert's first solo effort as a literary giant also contains helpful illustrations and charts (Things That Are Trying to Turn Me Gay), a complete transcript of his infamous speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner, and a special Holiday DVD.
Buy the audio CD version of Stephen's book, ''I Am America (And So Can You!)'' "I Am America (And So Can You!)"  [Audio CD]
by Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert reads his entertaining and educational new tome (which is bound to change the world) with a little help from some of his friends:  Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show"), Allison Silverman ("The Colbert Report" Head Writer), Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris, Evie Colbert, Greg Hollimon, David Pasquesi, Bryan Stack (Comedy Writer), and Kevin Dorff (Comedy Writer).
Buy ''Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen'' "Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen"
by Stephen Colbert
OK, this isn't Stephen Colbert's solo debut as an author, but, hey, his name is on it!  Bursting out from Stephen's hit Comedy Central show, "The Colbert Report," is this stunning continuation of the critically acclaimed, yet unpublished prose novel in which everyone's favorite sci-fi hero must stand against the enemies of freedom, no matter what dark planet they crawl from!  Each issue features two stories: A main serialized story written by John Layman and Tom Peyer with art by Scott Chantler, and an independent backup story written by Jim Massey with art by Robbi Rodriguez.
Buy Amy's book, ''I Like You'' "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence"
by Amy Sedaris; photos by Billy Erb
This entertaining guide to entertaining includes recipes, complete meal plans, decorating suggestions, music choices, conversational ice-breakers, and hospitality tips to create the perfect evening at home. The book has scrapbook feel, including photos, illustrations, and craft patterns. Whether it's an intimate night for two or a ladies' luncheon for twenty, Amy Sedaris offers her own advice to make guests feel welcome and the host look good.
Buy the audio CD version of Amy's book, ''I Like You'' "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence"  [Audio CD]
by Amy Sedaris
Amy Sedaris reads her guide to entertaining, which includes recipes, complete meal plans, decorating suggestions, music choices, conversational ice-breakers, and hospitality tips to create the perfect evening at home. Whether it's an intimate night for two or a ladies' luncheon for twenty, Amy Sedaris offers her own advice to make guests feel welcome and the host look good.
Buy Sarah Thyre's memoir, ''Dark at the Roots'' "Dark at the Roots: A Memoir"
by Sarah Thyre
Sarah Thyre's memoir is the hilarious true story of a girl who was often too precocious for her own good. Given the nickname "Family Liar" by her father around the time she started talking, Sarah was the second of five children to be born into a southern family of Roman Catholics. Confused by this term of endearment, but eager to live up to it, Sarah quickly managed to get herself into precarious situations.
Buy the ''Wigfield'' book "Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not"
by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert; photos by Todd Oldham
Wigfield is a town in danger. Built directly in front of a massive dam, this bucolic hideaway will soon be flooded when the dam is torn down by the state government to restore the salmon run. Wigfield's only hope lies in the self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, self-involved "journalist" Russell Hokes, who arrives hoping to capture the quiet dignity of the disappearing American Small Town. However, Wigfield is neither quiet nor dignified. And as the date of Wigfield's destruction draws nearer, Hokes casts about like a cork in a typhoon desperate to find something about Wigfield worth documenting or saving.
Buy the ''Wigfield'' Audio CD "Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not"   [Audio CD]
Read by the authors: Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert
Wigfield is the anti-Lake Wobegon — a desolate home to strip joints, junkyards, and enough soil contaminants to turn newborns into mutants. So naturally, it's the place where clueless journalist Russell Hokes lands to research the dying American small town in an effort to reach 50,000 words and satisfy a suspicious publisher. The authors serve up a town full of oddball characters, showing off their excellent voice skills.
Buy ''The Book of Liz'' "The Book of Liz"   [Stage Play]
by The Talent Family: Amy Sedaris and David Sedaris
Sister Elizabeth Donderstock is the maker of tasty cheeseballs that her brothers and sisters within the Squeamish religious sect sell to raise money. When Reverend Tollhouse takes that honor away from her, Liz runs away and explores the big bad world outside the comfort of Clusterhaven. She soon takes up with Ukranian immigrants and gets a job at the Plymouth Crock theme restaurant. Eventually, her Squeamish brothers and sisters realize how much they need Liz's magic touch and secret ingredient to make the cheeseballs taste so special, and she realizes how much she needs them.
Buy the ''Second City'' book "The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater"   [Book with 2 audio CDs] by Sheldon Patinkin
Patinkin was one of the early directors at the Second City, the risk-taking comedy cabaret that opened in Chicago in 1959. Second City's impact on TV, film, and theater is revealed in its lengthy alumni list, which includes Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris (who is profiled in this book). Combining interviews, research and rare photos with his own memories, Patinkin traces the origins of Second City back to 1955 when the Compass opened in Chicago. Some of Second City's most outrageous and hilarious live performances can be heard on the two audio CDs that are included.
Buy the ''David Sedaris Box Set'' CDs "The David Sedaris Box Set"    [Audio CDs]
Radio storyteller David Sedaris presents his collected works in one audio box set. Included are unabridged versions of Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked, Barrel Fever, Holidays on Ice, and some live readings not included in the books. Sedaris is hilarious, and his Billie Holiday impression is amazing. David's sister Amy Sedaris reads/performs some of the stories, as does Ann Magnuson. Many of the tales are pure fiction, but some are autobiographical essays that give a little peek into the Sedaris household from the 1960's to the present.

Also by David Sedaris:

Buy the ''Drive-By Comedy'' CD "Drive-By Comedy"   [Audio CD]
Features performances by George Carlin, Al Franken, Margaret Cho, and David Brenner. Also included is an abridged reading by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert from "Wigfield".
Buy the ''Wacky Chicks'' book "Wacky Chicks" by Simon Doonan
On an ordinary day a wacky chick might be found performing a citizen's arrest, running a concession stand at a swingers' convention, or wearing a tiara on top of a cowboy hat, making her as easy to spot as a flamingo prancing among pigeons. Doonan introduces us to a cross section of today's least conventional women: Amy Sedaris, cocktail waitress turned TV star; Warhol muse Brigid Berlin; Susanne Bartsch, who showed Madonna how to vogue; fashion designer turned park ranger Spider Fawke; and a new age pixie named Kazuko. All of these women are Belligerent, Resilient, Uninhibited, Naughty, Creative, and Hilarious (B.R.U.N.C.H. for short). Mixing intimate and outrageous interview material with philosophical interludes, Doonan brings you on a soul-searching journey that may leave you creating hats out of tinfoil or opening your own hot dog stand, infinitely self-assured and infinitely wacky.
Buy the ''When I Was a Girl'' book "When I Was a Girl" by Alison Pollet
A book about the defining moments and fondest memories of some of the world's most celebrated women, based on the popular WE: Women's Entertainment television series and featuring an introduction by famed TV journalist and author Linda Ellerbee. Extraordinary women from the worlds of politics, sports, entertainment, literature, an music relive the early moments that shaped them: the first friendships and academic pitfalls, the consuming crushes and favorite outfits. Among the featured contributors are Gillian Anderson, India Arie, Candice Bergen, Ellen Burstyn, Candace Bushnell, Ann Curry, Ellen DeGeneres, Illeana Douglas, Melissa Etheridge, Edie Falco, Melanie Griffith, Gladys Knight, Susan Lucci, Wendie Malick, Rita Moreno, Dee Dee Myers, Cynthia Nixon, Elizabeth Perkins, Kelly Preston, Sally Ride, Amy Sedaris, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Mary Steenburgen, and Lee Ann Womack.
Buy the ''Laws of the Bandit Queens'' book "Laws of the Bandit Queens" by Ali Smith
New York photographer Ali Smith presents a celebration of original thought and the bravery it takes to live accordingly. In "Bandit Queens" she pays tribute to the women whose work she respects and whose lives have had an impact on her as a woman and on the world as a whole. Each of these incredible women offers a law for women and girls to live by. Included are: Freeda George Foreman, Phoolan Devi, Alice Walker, Jane Pratt, and Amy Sedaris.
Buy the ''Tease: Inspired T-shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft, and Design'' book "Tease: Inspired T-shirt Transformations by Superstars of Art, Craft, and Design" [paperback]  by Sarah Sockit
In Tease, 50 superstars of creativity, art, and design take the basic T from ordinary to extraordinary. Fabulous illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions provide outrageous, inspiring ideas from crafters around the globe. Some of Tease's featured crafting dynamos include Amy Sedaris, Patricia Field, and Todd Oldham.
Buy the ''Sex and the City'' Season Five DVD "Sex & the City" - Season Five  [DVD]
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her three best friends have got new loves, new responsibilities, new choices to make, and (oh, yes!) a new baby to deal with - and that equates to a whole new outlook on being single in New York City. Ready or not, Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) are headed for uncharted territory. Daniel Sunjata appears as Carrie's love interest in the first episode, "Anchors Away", and Amy Sedaris appears in three episodes as Courtney Masterson. This collection includes all 8 episodes of the abbreviated season.
Buy the ''Sex and the City'' Season Six DVD "Sex & the City" - Season Six  [DVD]
They've experienced the pleasure of sex, the pain of heartbreak and the panacea of friendship. Now, Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends—Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha—are headed into an exciting new chapter in their lives that's as unpredictable as the metropolis they live in. It's the last hurrah for Carrie and Co.
Amy Sedaris returns as Courtney Masterson in the episode entitled "Lights, Camera, Relationship". This collection contains the first 12 episodes of the extended final season.
Buy the ''Monk'' Season One DVD "Monk" - Season One  [DVD]
Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is an ingenious, phobic, obsessive-compulsive private detective whose offbeat antics have made him unfit for official police duty, but he helps the force as a consultant, working on their most baffling cases. The brilliant but neurotic Monk, aided by his faithful nurse Sharona (Bitty Schramm), fights his fears of germs, cars, heights, and crowds in addition to fighting crime. Amy Sedaris appears as Sharona's sister Gail in the episode entitled "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake".  Thirteen episodes.
Buy the ''Monk'' Season Two DVD "Monk" - Season Two  [DVD]
Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) returns as everyone's favorite "defective detective" for a second season.  Amy Sedaris makes another guest appearance as Sharona's (Bitty Schramm) sister, Gail Fleming. In "Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater", Gail finds herself accused of murdering her co-star on stage in front of an audience in a packed theater. It's up to Monk and Sharona to make sure Gail doesn't have to wear an orange jump suit for the rest of her life.  Sixteen episodes.
Buy the ''Wonder Showzen'' Season One DVD "Wonder Showzen" - Season One  [DVD]
"Wonder Showzen" is an absurdist variety show that airs on MTV2. It is a parody of children's shows like "Sesame Street", but targets more mature audiences ("mature" meaning in years, not sophistication).  Amy Sedaris makes a guest appearance in an episode entitled "History" as a storyteller named, get this, Miss Amy who tells a tale about a beautiful princess named Princess Patsy.
Buy ''Stay'' on DVD Stay  [DVD]  Directed by Marc Forster (2005)
New York psychologist Sam Foster (Ewan McGregor) is confronted with disturbed art student Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling). Henry announces he will imitate his favorite artist and shoot himself the moment he turns 21, on Saturday. Foster, once having saved his suicidal girlfriend Lila (Naomi Watts), gradually becomes drawn into the world of Henry's obsessions. Amy Sedaris appears oh-so briefly at the beginning as a receptionist, and can be seen on the Brooklyn Bridge in the final scene. Janeane Garofalo co-stars.
Buy ''Chicken Little'' on DVD Chicken Little  [DVD]  Directed by Mark Dindal (2005)
After Chicken Little (Zach Braff) causes widespread panic—when he mistakes a falling acorn for a piece of the sky—the young chicken is determined to restore his reputation. But just as things are starting to go his way, a real piece of the sky lands on his head. Chicken Little and his band of misfit friends, including Abby Mallard (Joan Cusack) and Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn), attempt to save the world without sending the town into a whole new panic. Katie Finneran (Goosey Loosey), Don Knotts (Mayor Turkey Lurkey), Garry Marshall (Buck Cluck), Catherine O'Hara (Tina Wickenberg), Amy Sedaris (Foxy Loxy), and Patrick Stewart (Mr. Woolensworth) co-star.
Buy the ''My Baby's Daddy'' DVD My Baby's Daddy  [DVD]   Directed by Cheryl Dunye (2004)
Eddie Griffin stars with Anthony Anderson and Method Man in this comedy from one of the executive producers of Scary Movie.  Lonnie (Griffin), G (Anderson) and Dominic (Michael Imperioli—TV's "Sopranos") are three bachelor buddies who have always thought of themselves as big-time players, but the party's over the minute their girlfriends all announce they're pregnant! Ready or not, these guys suddenly go from players to play time. Amy Sedaris plays Annabelle, a birthing coach.
Buy the ''Maid in Manhattan'' DVD Maid in Manhattan  [DVD]   Directed by Wayne Wang (2002)
Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a maid in an expensive New York hotel. A handsome political candidate (Ralph Fiennes), a guest at the hotel, is captivated by her beauty, but soon comes to appreciate her honesty and common sense. Marisa has to hide the fact that she's only a maid, so various high jinks ensue. This update of Cinderella also stars Natasha Richardson and Amy Sedaris as callow socialites, Bob Hoskins, Stanley Tucci, and Frances Conroy.
Buy the ''School of Rock'' DVD School of Rock  [DVD]   Directed by Richard Linklater (2003)
Jack Black plays Dewey Finn, a guitarist who gets kicked out of a band because he grandstands too much. Through a mishap, he gets a job as a substitute teacher for a fifth grade class at a private school. Neither students nor teacher quite know what to do with each other until Finn discovers that some of his young charges can play instruments. At once he starts turning them into a rock & roll troupe in the hope of crushing his former band at an upcoming competition. Joan Cusack and Sarah Silverman also star. Amy Sedaris appears briefly as Mrs. Haynish.
Buy the ''Elf'' DVD Elf  [DVD]   Directed by Jon Favreau (2003)
Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, a huge Christmas elf who is revealed to have been adopted after he inadvertently ended up in Santa's sack. James Caan co-stars as Buddy's biological father and Bob Newhart plays Buddy's elf dad. Amy Sedaris appears as James Caan's secretary, Deb.  Zooey Deschanel, Mary Steenburgen, Andy Richter, and Peter Dinklage also star.
Buy the ''Jump Tomorrow'' DVD Jump Tomorrow  [DVD]   Directed by Joel Hopkins (2001)
A young Nigerian man (Tunde Adebimpe) on the verge of being in an arranged marriage, suddenly questions his situation after an encounter with a stunning Latin woman (Natalia Verbeke), who is also about to be married. Amy Sedaris plays a student.
Buy the ''Commandments'' DVD Commandments  [DVD]   Directed by Daniel Taplitz (1997)
Aidan Quinn plays a man so aggrieved by his misfortunes that he vows to break each of God's Ten Commandments in revenge. But even that act of profound defiance doesn't quite work out the way he planned, and the character undergoes a mythic—some would say biblical—experience of a different kind. Anthony LaPaglia plays his friend and Courteney Cox shows up as a love interest. Amy Sedaris plays a scholar.
Buy the ''Six Days, Seven Nights'' DVD Six Days, Seven Nights  [DVD]   Directed by Ivan Reitman (1998)
Harrison Ford plays Quinn Harris, a South Seas charter pilot who must ferry New York fashion editor Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) from one island to another—a hop that falls flat when they fly into a storm that causes them to crash on a deserted island. The pair resent and resist each other, until they are forced to team up to escape from the island—and some modern pirates who want their heads. Amy Sedaris plays Robin's secretary in a scene in which you briefly see the back of her head.
Buy the ''Bewitched'' DVD Bewitched  [DVD]   Directed by Nora Ephron (2005)
Will Ferrell stars as Jack Wyatt, a has-been actor who tries to revive his career by playing Darrin Stephens in a TV revival of "Bewitched". Nicole Kidman plays Isabel Bigelow, who Jack thinks is perfect for the role of his TV witch of a wife, Samantha: she's an unknown, an Elizabeth Montgomery ringer, and she's got the nose twitch. What he doesn't know is that she actually is a witch. Stephen Colbert plays the headwriter of the TV show and Amy Sedaris and Richard Kind play the Kravitzes.  Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine, Steve Carell, Jason Schwartzman, Ken Hudson Campbell, Carole Shelley, and Kristen Chenowith also star.
Buy the ''Daily Show: Indecision 2004'' DVD "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" - Indecision 2004   [DVD]
Among the features of this compilation of Daily Show segments, which focus on the 2004 presidential election showdown between George W. Bush and John Kerry, are Stephen Colbert's award-not-winning featurette: "Requiem for a Show That Was Daily" and his "Interviews I Could Get".  Contains ten episodes, plus a whole slew of new stuff that was never seen on the air, some of which was created especially for this DVD release.
Buy ''America (The Book)'' America (The Book)  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart presents...
Stephen Colbert contributes a number of features to this hilarious textbook-style tome. It's American history presented in the manner that you'd expect from Jon Stewart and his irreverent faux news posse.
Buy ''The Partly Cloudy Patriot'' audio CD's by Sarah Vowell, read by Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert ''The Partly Cloudy Patriot'' [Audio CDs]   by Sarah Vowell, read by Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien read this brilliant compilation of short stories and essays by frequent NPR commentator Sarah Vowell.
Buy ''Straight Talk'' featuring Paul Dinello on DVD Straight Talk [DVD]   Directed by Barnet Kellman (1992)
Paul Dinello plays Casey in this film that stars Dolly Parton, James Woods, Griffin Dunne, Spalding Gray, Jerry Orbach, and Teri Hatcher.
Buy ''Plump Fiction'' starring Paul Dinello on DVD Plump Fiction [DVD]   Directed by Bob Koherr (1997)
Paul Dinello stars as Jimmy Nova in this parody of Quentin Tarentino that also takes aim at Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers.  Julie Brown, Tommy Davidson, Sandra Bernhard, Dan Castellaneta, Judy Tenuta, and Jennifer Coolidge also star. The film's tagline bills it as being, "From the producers who saw Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Braveheart."
Buy ''All-Star Alphabet'' starring Stephen Colbert on DVD Sesame Street: All-Star Alphabet [DVD]   (2005)
Stephen Colbert co-hosts with Nicole Sullivan in this direct-to-DVD production from PBS's long-running children's program, "Sesame Street". Sullivan is the letter A and Colbert is the letter Z. He feels a little insecure about the dearth of words that begin with his letter, and his insecurity isn't aided by A when she makes him painfully aware of wealth of words that begin with her letter.

Recommendations from Amy Sedaris
Buy the ''Good For What Ails You (Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937)'' on CD "Good For What Ails You (Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937)"  [Audio CD]
I got the following note from Amy:
    Just putting this out there ...
    Fantastic cd called Good For What Ails You (Music of the
    Medicine Shows 1926-1937) from Old Hat Records
    It's really great. All the cd's from Old Hat are,
    — Amy"

Amy's Book Club  (Hey, if Oprah can have one...)

Shock Productions
''Wheels of Fury'' on VHS "Wheels of Fury"  [Short Film on VHS or DVD]   Directed by Dan & Paul Dinello, Mitch Rouse
A spaghetti western, "Wheels of Fury" finds revenge-minded and newly-widowed Pepper Mills (Amy Sedaris) forming an uneasy romantic alliance with tidy cowboy Dusty Bitz (Paul Dinello) and embarking on an obsessive quest for psychotic outlaw Colon Boyles (Mitch Rouse).
''Shock Asylum'' on VHS "Shock Asylum"  [Short Film on VHS or DVD]   Directed by Dan & Paul Dinello
A twisted black comic tale of a man (Paul Dinello) whose routine psychological evaluation goes horribly awry. Also stars Stephen Colbert, Jodi Lennon, Scott Allman, Aaron Rhodes, and Constance Van Flandern.
''Beyond the Door'' on VHS "Beyond the Door"  [Short Film on VHS or DVD]   Directed by Dan & Paul Dinello
A dark, irreverent comedy about a clergyman (Paul Dinello) who battles to overcome his fear of doors.  Stephen Colbert, Jodi Lennon, Elaine Logan-Allen, Rich Kasper, and Christopher Surles also star.

Strong Island
Feeling Good "Feeling Good" - by Alessandra   [CD single]
1. Strangers With Candy Mix 4:26
2. Thunderous Club Mix 9:55
3. H.G.C. Remix 4:31

Great song that was used during the closing credits dance sequences of "Behind Blank Eyes" and "The Virgin Jerri".

Partners in Blues: the Story of a Man and His Guitar
Partners in Blues Partners in Blues   [Short Film on DVD]
Greg Hollimon (Principal Blackman) stars in "Partners in Blues", written by former "Strangers with Candy" Writers Assistant Scott Jacobson and directed by Dan Powell. This short film was shown at the Ars Nova Theater in New York in February and March of 2004.  Jack Ferver (Jimmy Tickles) also appears. "Partners in Blues: the Story of a Man and His Guitar", was presented as part of "This Just In", four short films from five Emmy-winning writers of "The Daily Show". The DVD of "Partners in Blues" is made available directly to you at Scott Jacobson's website. If you don't have a PayPal account, send and email to Scott to get alternate ordering instructions.

Symphony Space Store
Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV [Audio CD]
Love! Literature! Language! Lust!
Leopold's Women Bloom

As broadcast live on WBAI and the Pacifica Radio Network
Hosted by Isaiah Sheffer and Directed by Caraid O’Brien
Highlights Include: A Whirlwind Tour of Women in Ulysses; The Chorus of 34 Mollys; Mr. Bloom speaks Yiddish; Barbara Feldon as Madame Bella Cohen; Bernadette Quigley as Gertie; Stephen Colbert as Bloom; Isaiah Sheffer narrates the complete Calypso and Lotus Eaters episodes; Marian Seldes reads from Finnegans Wake; Fritz Weaver and Rochelle Oliver read from The Dead; Terry Donnelly as Molly; Plus several sopranos singing from Molly’s repertoire

Off Records
Wig in a Box Wig In a Box [Audio CD]
Featuring: Frank Black, The Breeders, Stephen Colbert, Robyn Hitchcock, Imperial Teen, Ben Kweller with Ben Folds & Ben Lee, Cyndi Lauper & The Minus 5, John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask, Bob Mould, Jonathan Richman, Sleater-Kinney & Fred Schneider, Spoon, They Might Be Giants, Rufus Wainwright, Yoko Ono & Yo La Tengo.

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