Interviews with Comedy Fansite Creators

Antonio Lopes Lagarto would be the perfect name for a Latin love interest. However, this Antonio's heart belongs only to a canceled Comedy Central show. Five years after beginning JerriBlank.com, he is the leader of "Strangers With Candy" fans. He was even given and extras part in their upcoming movie. Due to his relationship with Amy Sedaris and crew, he was given a dressing room and wasn't forced into the extras holding area when Sarah Jessica Parker shot her cameo scenes. Antonio, you have truly raised the bar for comedy nerds (insert hands clapping).

Are you the "Strangers With Candy" #1 fan?
Not in a Kathy Bates in Misery sort of way. But I guess spending thousands of unpaid hours on a fansite puts me somewhere in the upper echelons of fandom.

Do you have a significant other?
Not right now, and perhaps not ever again. I was in a six-year relationship and it's the kind of thing that I only intended to do once in my life.

What’s the most heated discussion that you’ve seen or been apart of in the Yahoo Group?
The fiery ones involve debating which of Jerri's boyfriends or girlfriends would be best for her, or whether Becky Ann Bedecker (Jerri's Homecoming Queen competition) was as sweet as she seemed or a bitch in sheep's clothing.

Do you ever have to throw down with amysedaris.com as to who’s the better fansite?
My site is actually sort of affiliated with Tracey's now. I frequently contribute to the news updates section whenever Amy drops me a line.

Really dedicated Star Trek fans are called Trekkies. What are dedicated "SWC" fans called?

Do you consider yourself a Comedy Nerd?
I love all kinds of comedy and all the people who make me laugh. I appreciate what they do because it's this secret dream of mine and I'm in awe of anyone who actually has the motivation and talent to do it.

Do you ever pretend you’re in an episode of “Strangers with Candy?”
I catch myself speaking in a Jerri Blank voice quite frequently and have spread the habit among friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. It's addictive.

How do you keep things real as a "Strangers with Candy" fan?
It's all about the Schadenfreude, or as Amy always says, "Laughter through the tears."

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